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I have a new collection of short stories available at Smashwords and Amazon!

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Five sexy and sensual gender swap stories for your pleasure, totaling over 14,000 words. All but one are commissioned requests. This collection includes:

A man swaps bodies with a single mother and they have a little fun together.

Long Weekend
As a body hopper you’ve spotted your next conquest: a fit and athletic woman on your university’s field hockey team.

A School for Wizards
A potion that transforms people’s bodies is used by a malevolent, young wizard to fulfill his twisted fantasy.

A young man comes home to find his four stepsisters possessed by strangers who are in need of what he can offer them.

The Athlete’s Body
A body hopper takes over a young athlete and really tests her endurance.

(It was tough, but I managed to write ‘A School for Wizards’ without anyone slipping anything into anyone’s hairy potter.)  As an extra thank you, everyone who has a commissioned story in this collection gets a free copy of the book.

Here’s a little taster of ‘The Athlete’s Body’ with pics they won’t allow:

The Athlete’s Body

Ray is walking down the gym hallway when he spots her. She’s coming towards him, gym bag in hand, probably getting ready for a workout. She’s tall and lean but muscular, her shoulder length black hair tied back in a ponytail, her dark features and confident walk mesmerize Ray.

He wants her.

There’s no one else in the hallway so without thinking Ray hops, his body becomes a billion particles of conscious energy that enter her mouth, pour in through her lips and over her tongue. There’s a brief struggle for control—there’s always a struggle, and always brief—before Ray locks her consciousness away in her own mind. Her body is now his to control, her memories now his to use.

Her name is Cindy and she’s on the university basketball team. She was on her way to the gym for her workout. Ray decides to continue with her plan, her body feels so powerful yet still so feminine. He wants to put it to the test.

He walks into the women’s locker room and drops his bag on a bench, then turns to the mirrors to take a good look at his new form. Cindy’s reflection stares back at him, her big brown eyes so inviting. She wears a snug, white t-shirt that covers her broad shoulders and small breasts. Her khaki shorts come down to her knees, revealing her toned calves. Her eyes are dark brown, her eyebrows perfectly sculpted, and her nose a sharp, Grecian nose that would make Cleopatra jealous. Ray raises her sinewy, long arms, curls her dainty fingers and admires them, the nails short and unpolished but well maintained. He leans over the sink, closer to his beautiful new face in the mirror, and gently feels the soft contours of Cindy’s face, his fingers softly whispering over his smooth cheeks, across his nose and then down his neck. At this angle the top of his shirt hangs open and he can see a peek of Cindy’s breasts, encased in a white, cotton bra.

‘Hello, Cindy,’ Ray says in her deeply feminine voice and smiles, enjoying the sound of her, the feel of her.

Ray pulls Cindy’s top over his head, then reaches around and unclasps her bra. It falls to the floor, revealing two small, firm breasts—a B cup Cindy’s mind supplies—which he cups in both hands, gently kneading, exploring her warm softness. His eyes travel down to his flat stomach, the ghostly outlines of her abs are visible. He likes this body, she’s fit and strong but still feminine, not some sort of muscled freak show. He wants to see more. Ray steps out of his shoes, pulls off his socks, then slides down his shorts and panties. Standing naked in front of the mirror he turns this way and that, runs one hand over and down his tight ass, glides it around and over between his legs and just skims the coarse, black hair of Cindy’s womanhood. He’s tempted, but there will be time enough for that later. For now he’s itching to try out the raw power of Cindy’s body.

He returns, naked, to the bench where he dropped his bag, rummages through it for her workout gear. He picks out the pink and black top first, shoves his arms through the hole and pulls it over his head before adjusting it over his breasts, his fingers pulling the fabric over his soft body until it hugs his breasts firmly, leaving his firm stomach on display for the world to see. Then he takes out the matching pink and black leggings and glides them on over his muscular legs. The lycra smooth against his skin. They, too, hug his body, stopping a little below the knee to reveal his glorious calves.

Ray catches sight of himself in the mirror, the skin-tight outfit revealing bits of his body make him somehow even more alluring than being naked, like a present with Cindy’s body as a prize underneath. Then he strolls out to the gym, new hips gently swaying.


From her memories Ray knows her routine. He starts with a light ab workout, some crunches on the mats in front of the mirror. He lies down, sticks his legs in the air and wraps his hands behind his head under his dark ponytail then brings each elbow, one at a time, towards his opposite knee. Soon he feels the gentle burn of his abs. He keeps going, pushing his new body but not until it becomes painful. That will come, this is just a warm up. He switches up in different positions, gently easing into it as his body warms and his abs pop out in exertion.

After that comes the leg routine. Ray makes his way down the line of her favorite machines to do some presses. He adjusts the weight and stands against the machine, his shoulders resting under the pads. He’s delighted to find this machine faces a mirror. He knows that Cindy doesn’t like looking at herself while she works out but Cindy isn’t here.

He braces himself then releases the pin, the weight pressing down on his shoulders as he forces Cindy’s body to squat then straighten, over and over, supple, powerful legs pushing up against the mass as they burn, her forehead becomes damp with sweat as he continues, pushing against the pain, staring at his stolen body in the mirror, Cindy’s striking dark eyebrows knitted in determination. Ray grunts, mighty and feminine, as he pushes again and again, going hard until he’s at her limit. He slips the pin back into the machine and stands, breathing heavily, Cindy’s chest pounding and her legs weak. It feels so good. She feels so good.

He cycles through the machines like this, working each of Cindy’s lovely muscles from the bottom of her well toned body to her athletic arms. Soon the sweat drips down his trim form, strands of hair lie plastered to Cindy’s head and her face is flushed and shiny with sweat. Ray’s lovely new body burns with exertion, exhausted and satisfied, his breasts heaving with exertion.

Ray returns to the locker room and looks at his sweat soaked body in the mirror, admiring Cindy’s controlled, feminine power.

‘God, you look amazing,’ Ray says to himself, reveling in her deep, sexy voice. He smooths a strand of hair behind his ear, his fingers continue to trail down the sensitive nape of his neck, watching Cindy’s body respond to his commands. He looks around. The locker room is empty but someone could come in at any moment. Rather than dampen his enthusiasm, the thought of getting caught makes his body tingle. It seems Cindy has something of an exhibitionist streak.

He brings both of Cindy’s hands to the lycra top tightly encasing his petite breasts, begins caressing them through the fabric, gently squeezing with his long, powerful fingers, digging his fingers into his soft skin, pinching the nipples that even now stand out underneath the tight fabric as pleasure-pain radiates out from his chest. It shouldn’t be a surprise, Cindy is tough and she likes it rough.


He watches Cindy’s body in the mirror as he squeezes her tits, her eyes narrowed with pleasure, her mouth partially open, little white teeth biting on her bottom lip in an agitation that only an orgasm can satisfy. A tender, almost itching sensation begins between his legs. As he continues gripping his tits with one hand, the other slides down his phantom six pack abs to the lycra pants and he begins rubbing his palm over his pants, forcing the fabric up against his moistening womanhood, the firm warmth of his fingers pushing hard, barely slipping inside himself, held back only by the tightening fabric. His pussy lips begin moistening, budding, the outline visible under this pants as he grabs the fabric in his fists, presses and pulls, a dark wet patch of Cindy’s desire soaking through as he tries to pleasure himself with his sheer workout pants, fighting against the force to slip his fingers inside his heaving body. The resistance from his tight pants, the physical impossibility driving him mad with lust. The fact that his body is so powerful, can seemingly take whatever she wants through sheer feminine force and is blocked just serves to make the itch more powerful. He needs to finger himself, his aching clit burns to be stroked, he moans in frustration and desire. At last he can stand it no longer, his hand slips beneath the pants, down and in between his velvety lips and he sighs, a brief pause of satisfaction before doubling his efforts, stroking harder, faster, shutting his eyes as the burning itch of pleasure is sated and his rising ‘ohs’ fill the room, his voice higher and higher as he encourages the burning itch and it glows brighter, brighter, until with a last loud ‘ooohhh’ he cums, the itch fulfilled, pleasure spasming through his body as his thighs lock together and he rides the orgasm as it racks Cindy’s body. Soon, all too soon, trailing off. He stands panting, Cindy’s body flush with fading fulfillment, one hand still on his tits, the other down his pants.

In the mirror he sees a woman’s head peek out around a locker. Someone must have come in and caught him in the middle of it all. With the noise he was making he’s not surprised. Embarrassed, but not surprised. Ray quickly slips into a shower stall and closes the door. He’s smiling, the embarrassment is all part of the thrill.

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