A little envious

You lounge on your bed, idly flipping through your phone while playing music to try to unsuccessfully drown out the sound of your roommate and his girlfriend having sex in the room next door. Your walls are paper thin and your roommate’s a talker. You hear him moan, “Yeah, suck my beautiful dick. Good girl.” You roll your eyes and laugh quietly to yourself, wishing these rooms were better sound-proofed even though you’re a little envious of him with his busty Latina girlfriend.
Between one blink and the next the entire world changes. You’re suddenly on your knees, something warm and firm lodged deep in your mouth, almost making you choke. Your fingers are wrapped around it, too, and as it begins to throb in your mouth you pull away. Before you can even react to the fact that you’re holding someone’s cock, hot spurts of cum pump from the tip, splattering your mouth and your…tits??
You gasp, eyes wide, disgusted at the warm jizz that drips down your chin. Your eyes drop to your chest. The breasts swinging there are huge and heavy, the nipples spiking to attention. Your entire body is flush with warmth and a deep tension you recognize as horniness.
“Who the fuck are you? What’s going on?” The man whose cock you’re holding gasps.
You look up to see your roommate looming over you. Oh god. Somehow you’re in his girlfriend’s body, and someone else is in his. A second later your own body rushes into the room and freezes as you both stare at each other. You want to find out what the hell is happening. You want to clean yourself up. You also, kind of, want to explore your new form.

Chapter 6 of a serial about a misogynist transformed into his dream woman by a curse. His only way back is to take on 200 men in a year. Payback (Chapter 6) is available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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