Jake blinked his eyes open, knowing even before he did so that, based on the sounds around him, he was now beside the pool. As his eyes adjusted he looked down to find some truly enormous jugs. The previous borrower of this body had left them free for him to admire. The gorgeous pink nipples ached slightly and were still semi-erect. The area between his legs was damp, and the his body still reverberated with arousal.
Jake recognized the swimsuit and the tits. They belonged to Christie, the friend who’d pulled him along to this swap party. He’d been sucking on them as another man a few hours ago and now he had them all to himself.
Jake hadn’t wanted to go to the swap party at first. He felt weird about being in someone else’s body while they were in his but Christie assured him it would be okay and he would have fun.
She’d been right. His first swap was with a beefy young guy. The nearest woman – a former man – pulled him into a room where they fucked. After getting over the initial squeamishness of touching someone else’s body (and cock!) Jake got into it. Especially when the woman beneath him was touching herself, enjoying her body almost as much as Jake was.
Every hour the swap would occur. The clock would ring out and on the final ring all the guests would randomly swap bodies with someone else on the property.
Now, alone by the pool as Christie, Jake slowly explored his own body. Maybe this was why she’d invited him. Or maybe it was just a coincidence. Either way, Jake was going to learn everything he could about Christie’s body.

A school bully discovers an app that lets him possess anyone he wants and uses his new powers to have his way with his teacher and his crush in Taken Over, available only on Body Swap Stories and Smashwords. Preview here.

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