Hey guys

t was against the terms of the foreign exchange program but Robin didn’t think any of the guys around the pool would report him as he walked out to the back porch while topless in his host body..
“Hi guys! Hope you didn’t start without me!” He called out in his perfect Portuguese.
When they’d all turned their attention to him he smiled back at them and ran his hands over his new tits. He’d thoroughly enjoyed them his first night in Maria’s body. And the second. And the third.
The guys all stopped what they were doing and crowded around him.
“You have a beautiful body.”
“You’re an amazing woman.”
“You’re gorgeous.”
The compliments were enough to make Robin blush. Of course, they were only saying that because they wanted to fuck him. But he wanted to fuck them so what was the harm?
“You want to try touching the world’s best titties?” He asked, offering up Maria’s breasts to them.
They eagerly took him up on the offer, stroking his soft curves, their hands greedy for him. He moaned for them as his nipples spiked to attention. He pulled away and covered himself, pretending to be modest.
“That’s enough. Just a little preview. Now, who wants to get me a drink?”
Ron had three willing suitors who waited on him hand and foot all day, each expecting that he would choose them to fuck. Little did they know, he would choose all of them.

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