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  1. Zapper
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    Really hot first person pov caption. Bravo.


  2. Anonymous
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    Why have you dropped off thev radar?.l

  3. Elle-Jae
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    “… A breathy moan escapes your throat as you lick your thick, glossy lips and you watch your reflection while your left hand teases each of your stiff nipples, sending an exquisite shudder throughout your sexy body, then reaches to untie the skimpy bows that hold the tiny bit of sheer fabric over your slick slit.

    You let one manicured finger slip in-out-&-around your velvety vulva, whispering, “Madre-Dios,” as the viscous vintage of your new nether-void gathers on your delicate digit, then lift that hand seductively to your mouth, where your tongue forms a pointy tip as you reach for a taste of the pungent nectar from your vacuous vessel.

    Salivating for the savory sauce on your finger you slip it into your mouth for a better taste and start to giggle as you notice the course, black strip of pubes pointing to your purring pussy is shaved into the shape of the “V” that was missing from the “cure” of your ass. …”

    No doubt, M; waking-up mysteriously in possession of an ass like this could cure a lot of what ails most – if not all – of your readers’ needs and wishes in one way or another. And, I hope you don’t mind how I brought this little ‘spell-check-fail’ to your attention, sweetie, since your captions always cast a spell that brings us to full attention!


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