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Young Again (Father-Daughter Body Swap) [Preview]

My newest story Young Again, is a dark story of a father stealing his daughter’s body. Check it out on Smashwords or Amazon today and see the preview below.

Samuel is old. His daughter is exasperated with him. His granddaughter barely tolerates him.

But everything changes when he discovers a spell that allows him to swap bodies with his buxom daughter.

Now, in his daughter’s curvaceous body, he can’t keep his hands off himself. He’s going to take advantage of this opportunity to go out and enjoy himself like he’s never done before, leaving his daughter stuck in his old, decrepit form. Samuel’s having so much fun and experiencing so much sheer delight he may never go back.

If only there was a way he could trick his daughter so he could stay as a young, beautiful woman and get a second chance at life…

This 10,000 word story contains hot, explicit sexual scenes following male to female, and female to male body swaps.


The small crowd was gathering for the last auction of the morning: storage unit D154. Samuel took pole position by the roller door as Steve, owner and manager of Steve’s Self Storage, broke out the buzz saw and hacked through the padlock. Shoving up the door, Steve shone his flashlight into the gloom and said, “Let’s see what we got here.”

Samuel craned forward. The auction rules mandated that bidders couldn’t go inside the units, just stand in the doorway and guess what might be hidden under covers or behind boxes. He scanned the contents that he could see in the dim recesses of the unit: piles of boxes, a cheap IKEA wardrobe, an ancient toolbox, a recliner that had seen better days, random cables, board games, plastics tubs filled with Tupperware and auto parts. He grinned, it was his kinda of unit: trash on the surface, potential treasure underneath… or possibly just wall-to-wall junk. And therein was the thrill of a storage unit auction. He counted his cash. This one he was going to bid on.

Seriously, Dad!” Bethany’s weary voice piped up behind him. “You’re going to pay money for this?” She waved a dismissive hand at the unit. “Piles of dirty plastic crap and a busted armchair?”

Samuel smiled at his daughter. “You see plastic crap, I see potential.”

I see money better spent on college for my daughter.”

Samuel ignored her, continuing to teach about the potential treasures of these auctions just as he’d done to Bethany her entire adult life. “The toolbox – couple of good quality tools could earn me a fortune in resale. And, look, bunch of old board games back there; anything vintage earns a mint.”

Hey, it’s your money,” Bethany sighed and tossed her long, wavy black hair out of her face. “Just don’t ask me to help you move this junk.”

Steve leaned over and interjected, “Don’t be so quick to judge, sweetheart. Your dad’s got an eye for finding the hidden gold.”

Bethany folded her arms petulantly underneath her heavy breasts. “Please! Look at this stuff. You really think there’s a Monet tucked away behind the wardrobe?”

Samuel watched Steve’s eyes fall on Bethany’s cleavage, pushed up by her folded arms and peeking over her top. He couldn’t really blame him; Beth might have been pushing forty but she still had great tits, and a gorgeous dark-featured face with sultry lips. Samuel had long ago accepted that one of the perils of fatherhood was watching other men eye his daughter.

Steve eventually dragged his eyes up to Bethany’s slightly plump face and grinned. “Maybe not a Monet. Folks with Monets stashed away don’t tend to fall six months behind on their storage fees.” Clearly ready to move things along, he turned to the small crowd and announced, “Ok, ladies and gentlemen, who’s going to start the bidding? Lemme hear $500.”

Samuel knew early on that the unit was his. A guy in a plaid shirt threw out a halfhearted low bid, a pair of junk dealers in the back raised the price twenty bucks, but it was clear no one else was really interested. Two minutes after the bidding started, Steve was yelling ‘sold’, accepting Samuel’s cash and letting him know he had a week to empty out the contents.

While Bethany—who refused point blank to touch the ‘cheap crap’—parked herself on a bench outside the storage unit, Samuel got to work sifting through the clutter. On first inspection, he had a sinking feeling that Bethany may have been right about this one. The boxes revealed nothing but worthless trash: plastic clothes hangers, battered paperbacks, shabby clothes that reeked of patchouli and dirty hippie, a bunch of herbs riddled with pantry moths. Disheartened, he ducked behind the wardrobe that blocked the back of the unit from view. The chances of finding a Monet were looking pretty slim.

What he found behind the wardrobe wasn’t a Monet, it was entirely more odd. It was a book: big and weighty with thick leather bindings and an elaborate embossed text on the cover. Even with just a cursory glance, Samuel knew he’d found something of real value. Intrigued, he opened it and turned page after page, admiring the intricate engravings and delicate faded print in a language he didn’t recognize. Reaching the last page, he stopped short. In contrast to the other pages, the text was crisp—as if freshly inked— and perfectly legible. It was also in English:

Swap the Vessel

A spell that permits the caster to swap bodies with any person of their choosing.

Instructions: trace the text…then follow its lead.

Enchant… evoke the magic

Incant… say the name of your vessel

Decant… flow into your new body

When you’ve had your fill:

Recant… swap back

The vessel will be prevented from communicating any details of the spell.

For a single moment, Samuel suspended disbelief and let himself enjoy the delicious fantasy described. Resting his aching knees, he leaned against the bare, concrete wall of the storage unit and imagined trading the creaking, decline of his 63-year-old body for something younger, tougher, virile and spry.

He was snapped out of his fanciful daydreaming by Bethany, who had apparently reached the limit of her patience. “Dad! Are you done in there? Can we take off?”

With a little flutter of annoyance, he realized that his two hours must be up: the two hours per week Bethany deigned to spend with her Dad before scurrying back to her life. He glanced at his watch: yep, two hours on the dot. She’d done her duty and she wanted rid of him.

Tamping down the annoyance, he gave the book a final appraising look and brushed a finger over the inky-black text of the body swap spell. Inexplicably, unbelievably, unthinkably… the text under his finger transformed to gold, glowing and shimmering under his touch. In shock he pulled his hand away and watched the writing return to black.

What the hell!

He reached for the page again and slowly traced his finger over the word ENCHANT. He felt it warm under his fingertip and shimmer to gold. A voice, deep and smoky, emerged from the book: “Magic evoked.”

All at once, the hair on the back of his neck stood on end. How did… Confounded, he examined the book, pressed the bindings, searched for the trick—the hidden speaker, the electronic wizardry—that made the highlighted text and ethereal sound. There was nothing: just parchment and leather bindings. However it worked, it was ingenious! And he wanted to see it again.

Dad!” Bethany’s shrill voice rang through the unit. “Seriously! Let’s go!”

Samuel realized his next decision—one that was obviously more petty symbolism than actual belief—was made. He traced the word INCANT and watched it glow. The book said sonorously, “Name your vessel.”

He smirked, didn’t hesitate. “Bethany.”

And then he swiped his hand over the word DECANT. Grinning, he watched the word begin to glow, and then his grin turned into a gasp of shock as he felt his essence rush from his body and plunge into Bethany’s body with a juddering thud.

It was completely impossible, yet utterly irrefutable. Suddenly, he was outside the storage unit, annoyed expression on his face, mouth slightly open, lips forming the word, ‘Dad’. He was Bethany!

He glanced down his new body: all at once shorter, tighter, softer, leaner, rounder. Wavy, dark hair cascaded down his shoulders and draped over…Samuel looked down and stared straight into his daughter’s deep cleavage, nestled comfortably in a pink bra and spaghetti strap top. Needing to see to believe, he racing inside the storage unit, his body jiggling and bouncing, and found his old body, bent and reeling behind wardrobe. It looked up at him. “What… what happened?”

Unable to keep still, to believe what had happened, Samuel bobbed on his feet and felt the spring in his muscles and the bounce of his boobs. Grinning, he replied, “Body swap. You and me.” It was incredible hearing his daughter’s light voice slipping from his plump lips.

How?” Bethany asked. “How did you sw—“ And the rest of the question never emerged. Confused she tried again, “How did you body sw—”

Samuel picked up the spell book with his now slender fingers and read the small print at the bottom of the spell, aloud, “The vessel”—he looked up and pointed at Bethany. “That’s you”—He resumed reading, “will be prevented from communicating any details of the spell.It was so easy to read this small print with Bethany’s improved eye sight.

But you can’t do th—” She broke off, utterly outraged.

Strangely unmoved, Samuel replied, “Can.” He grinned triumphantly. “Did.”

He watched the anger and fear coarse through his old body and play across his old wrinkled face. He looked so frail from outside.

He headed for the exit. “It’ll be a learning experience for us both, Beth. Come on. You were so eager to leave before, let’s leave.”

Behind him, he heard the defeated footsteps of his former self, following his thick, swaying hips out the door.


Samuel dropped Bethany off at his house then drove to her house to resume her life. Bethany had seemingly accepted that she had to pretend to be her own father, at least for a little while. It wasn’t like Samuel was giving her a choice.

Bethany’s house was empty when Samuel returned in her body; his granddaughter was still at school and he had the house to himself. Samuel walked quickly into the bedroom to the full length mirror and gaped at his new reflection.

His daughter’s face stared back at him, her mouth slightly open in awe. Her face was slightly rounded, with plump cheeks and a tiny, upturned nose. She looked a lot like her mother. Her dark, wavy hair draped down his back and tickled him whenever he moved. She was clad in a pink top with black stretch pants that clung to her bubble butt and thick legs. Samuel’s new figure was curvy and soft and exceedingly feminine. Her breasts felt so heavy and Samuel clasped his hands across his pink top and watched the smooth, tanned skin wobble delicately beneath the little slip of his nose. His eyes were drawn back to the mirror while he made his daughter’s hands fondle her breasts. She was very pretty when she wasn’t scowling at him.

Curious, he pulled Bethany’s top off over his head and swept the hair out of his eyes. He reached around and after a bit of fumbling managed to unclasp her bra. He shrugged out of it and dropped it to the floor—ah, sweet relief!—allowing his breasts to tumble down. They were so sore after being held in the bra for so long, red marks from the straps criss-crossing his skin. He hefted his new breasts in his hands, running his fingers across the warm, meaty flesh and gently massaging them. They were heavy, filling his hands and spilling out of his fingers. His nipples grew erect as his fingers danced across them. A warmth began between his legs, slowly spreading through his body as he watched his daughter play with her tits in the mirror, feeling every sensation from the inside.

He leaned his face down and brought a breast closer to his mouth. Sticking out his tiny, pink tongue he licked his own nipple, enjoying the slightly salty taste of his new skin, the warmth of his tongue across the sensitive nub of his daughter’s breast. He wrapped his lips around his own areola and sucked gently as he watched himself in the mirror. The sight of his well-endowed daughter suckling her own breast was turning him on. His hot breath raced across his sensitive skin, lighting a fire between his legs.

He released his tits, watching them wobble back and forth, and slid his hands down his slight tummy. Slowly, he rolled his pants down, revealing his round ass and smooth legs. He slipped out of his flats and pants, then rolled down his panties slowly, unwrapping his body like a present. He couldn’t move his eyes away from the triangle of hair between his legs, his thin slit just visible beneath the curly pubic hair.

At last he stood naked in front of the mirror and admired Bethany’s body. His daughter really was very attractive, with enjoyable, rounded hips and breasts, and a soft-featured, pleasant face. His hand trailed in between his legs, across the scratchy hair. He let a finger sink gently inside himself, watched in the mirror and felt himself opening as his finger landed on his warmth. His other hand came up to a breast and he hoisted it and squeezed gently. The finger inside him pushed in deeper. He sighed as he pressed up against what must have been his clit, releasing a small burst of heat through him and driving up his lust for his new body.

If you enjoyed this you can find the rest on Smashwords or Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold!

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