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Ticket to Ride (Preview)

Presenting Ticket to Ride, now available on Smashwords, Amazon, and wherever ebooks are sold.

She’s a gorgeous, sexy stranger and soon I’ll be inside her body and able to explore at my leisure.

I’ve been admiring the beautiful stranger on the bus every day, holding back from using my body hopping powers until I can stand it no longer.

Today’s the day I’m going to possess her body and explore her life.

She’s lively, outgoing…and all mine. I can enjoy her form and satisfy her deepest desires. Little do I know the wonderful secret she’s harboring. The deal she’s made with her husband to bring her the pleasure she needs.

I should have known that a woman like this would never be satisfied by having just one man.

I’m acutely aware of the tight pants hugging my shapely ass and the gentle jiggle of my breasts with each step. I can’t wait to get back home and explore Chloe’s body. On the way I call Chloe’s work and tell Sandra, the receptionist, that I’ve got food poisoning and won’t be back in the office. My next call is to my own friend, Alex. He knows I’m a hopper and he likes to help break in my new bodies. He’s quite the cocksman.

Hello?” he answers warily at my, no doubt, unknown number popping up on his phone.

Hi, Alex, how’s it going?” I sing, delighting in Chloe’s almost sorority girl inflection.


I giggle. “Yep. I need you, Alex. I’m so wet for you.”

I give him Chloe’s address, which I pull from her mind, and tell him to meet me there in thirty minutes.

I arrive at my bus stop just as the bus pulls up. I climb aboard and begin the trip home, excited for the day ahead. I exit the bus in front of a row of boutique shops and cafes. Using Chloe’s memories, I wind through the neighborhood to her home. I pass grand old houses with immaculate lawns, finally reaching Chloe’s house near the top of the hill. It’s an impressive three story Victorian that’s been lovingly maintained. I climb up the steps and unlock the door, shedding my heavy coat to begin a tour of “my” new house.

The floors are made of rich red wood, shining and pristine. The entire house is well decorated. Chloe is a woman of taste as well as money. The bedroom at the top has an ocean peak one way, with the other windows looking out over downtown. I’m once again surprised by the incongruity of her dress and manner with the money that seems to emanate from the walls of the house. She’s got an independent streak, that’s for sure. Why else would she be working as a manager when she’s got all this?

I unbutton my flannel top and throw it into the clothes hamper. The edges of my bra are visible beneath the neckline of my pink tank top, holding the swell of my gorgeous breasts. I’m tempted to start exploring myself without Alex, when suddenly the doorbell chimes. I race down the stairs, my tits bobbing up and down with each step, and throw open the door. Alex grins at me from the step. He’s an attractive guy, athletic with rugged movie star looks and a lascivious glint in his eyes. He runs a hand through his wavy, dark hair and looks me up and down.

Damn!” His smile widens in appreciation.

I return his smile and pull him inside. I don’t want the neighbors to see our little tryst. As soon as the door is closed I launch myself into his arms. My soft lips press against him, my hand slips through his hair to pull him close, my breasts press up against his button down shirt. He grabs me back, his hands sliding down to squeeze my ample ass as he returns my kiss ferociously. An electric tingle pulses through me as I press Chloe’s body against him, the bulge in his pants jumping to attention.

His tongue slides into my mouth as I unbutton his shirt and press my hands against his warm skin. He responds by pulling off my tank top, my brunette ponytail swinging wildly, before he rips my bra open. The metal clasps break and tinkle to the floor and then his face is buried in my perfect breasts, his warm breath on my tits, suckling my nipple and the electric tingle between my legs grows to a throbbing hum as he feeds himself on my beauty. He’s brutal, animalistic. It’s just what I need and I moan as his greedy hands squeeze and fondle Chloe’s tits, his mouth gliding back and forth from nipple to nipple and each grows erect, the little nubs standing out from my fat, pink areolae in utter desire.

His hands reach down and squeeze my plump ass. I squeal as he spins me around and grabs me again, pulling me close from behind. His hands circle round and cover my breasts and his hot breath lands on my neck as he kisses and bites his way across my shoulder. I shudder as a shock of pleasure jolts through me as I give myself up to him. He pauses momentarily to drop his pants and then pulls me close, so that his cock slides hard up against the cheeks of my ass. His large hand slides down my supple waist, lands on my black yoga pants. He tries to grab the fabric in his hand, yank it down, but it slips out of his grip. He finally gets purchase and in his frustration pulls hard. I can hear the ripping of my pants and his sheer desire makes me shiver in anticipation. He forces himself through the hole in the ripped pants, the head of his cock slipping underneath my ass cheeks and rubbing the underside of my wetness, teasing me without penetrating. I was right about Chloe; she isn’t wearing panties and I’m so glad.

I groan as he slides back and forth, the head of his erection brushing back and forth against the lips of my pussy and teasing my swelling clit. He pushes me over, eager to have me, and I hold myself up, leaning on my arms over a small side table by the door. There’s a mirror on the wall directly in front of me and I stare into Chloe’s big brown eyes as I arch my back, waiting to get fucked. Alex obliges, thrusting his cock through the hole in Chloe’s pants and sliding deep inside me. I press back, wanting to be filled by him, wanting only his heat, his hard-softness to pound me.

Read the rest of Ticket to Ride on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold.

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