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Taboo Collection

My newest story collection, Taboo Swaps, is now available on Smashwords and Amazon. Preview below.

It’s a collection of 8 stories previously published in separate volumes but collected here in one giant book for the first time. Every story revolves around family members swapping or possessing the bodies of other family. Brothers into sisters, sons into mothers, cousins into cousins, grandfathers into granddaughters…and all exploring their new sensuality.

He’s usually pretty good about staying asleep as long as we don’t get too loud,” Meghan said as she tiptoed back into the living room where her brother, Brad, was sitting.

The ‘he’ in question was Meghan’s young son. The father was long gone. The only thing Meghan missed about him was the child support payments, although even those were difficult to miss since she’d never actually received any.

Meghan motioned for Brad to follow her and she led him into the kitchen. Brad leaned on the kitchen counter as Meghan pulled out two coffee cups. She brushed her long, brunette hair to one side as she pulled out a tiny bag from a top shelf and poured a little of what looked like tea leaves into each cup. She looked up at him with a mysterious smile, the corners of her eyes wrinkling slightly.

Meghan was Brad’s younger sister. She’d gotten married and pregnant just out of high school, divorced soon after the birth of her son. Though Brad had secretly doubted that her marriage would last considering her youthfulness and her ex-husband’s dickishness, he was never anything other than supportive of his sister. They were like best friends and there were no secrets between them.

Ok, what’s this surprise?” Brad finally asked as she prepared the tea.

Well, you know how we talked about how you’re into the…body swapping thing?”

Brad had confessed to her his kink for body swapping several months ago and she’d been very supportive. She didn’t freak out and call him a weirdo or tease him. She thought about, mulled it over, and agreed with him that it didn’t mean anything. It was just a kink. But why was she bringing it up now?

Yeah?” he asked with some trepidation.

She poured water into the two mugs then put them in the microwave to heat up. She turned to Brad and chewed on her bottom lip, adorably nervous.

I was passing the farmer’s market today and this weird old lady called me over to her table,” Meghan began in a rush. “Like, literally, called me, she knew my name. Then she said she knew I wanted to trade bodies with someone for a little while, just to see what it was like. Like I talked about with my brother. Those were her exact words, how did she know that?”

Brad shrugged, at a loss.

Anyway, she promised that if we both drank this tea it would happen. It was a little expensive but…”

She trailed off and looked up at Brad as if daring him to speak. The silence spread out until the microwave beeped.

Ok, that’s weird, I admit. But you don’t actually believe her, do you?” Brad finally asked. Though a part of him hoped it were true. Becoming his sister wasn’t his first choice, but he wouldn’t mind inhabiting her adorable body for a little while.

Meghan took out the warm cups of tea and handed one to Brad. Her cute lips curled up in a sly grin.

One way to find out.” She said, arching an eyebrow and raising her cup.

Oh, what the hell? Brad thought, and quaffed his drink. The tea was weirdly smoky and strangely thick. An exquisite dizziness went straight to his head like a shot of whiskey. Before he’d even put the cup down on the counter the room was spinning.

Brad leaned over to support himself and stared down into the dark dregs of the coffee cup. It seemed to expand downwards as he watched, becoming bottomless and sucking him down into the inky blackness. First his head then his body was pulled into the dark chasm that opened up in front of him.

Then suddenly he was back in his sister’s kitchen only this time the room was flipped around and Brad found that he was looking at a strangely familiar person. It took him a second to realize it was himself, or his body at any rate. He looked down at the body he now inhabited, at the tight white shirt curving out over two hidden, plump breasts. He brought his hands up and examined them, the skin so soft, with glossy nails and thin fingers. Meghan’s fingers.

Whoa, it worked,” he said, as his hands flew to his throat and he giggled in Meghan’s airy voice. “This is so weird,” he said, enjoying the sound of his new voice dropping from his pretty lips.

Across the kitchen Brad’s former body was also examining himself. His body looked up and laughed in glee.

It did work!” Meghan replied in Brad’s booming voice.

It’s like listening to myself on a video or something,” Brad said. “Testing, one, two, three.”

The two circled each other, staring at their former bodies in glee. Brad’s reveled in the way Meghan’s body moved, with her sensuously swaying hips and the slight bobbing of her breasts with each step. Brad noticed Meghan’s eyes kept returning to his chest. Finally, Meghan looked up at her former body with a mischievous grin. “What do you say we test something else?”

Like what?”

His body leaned down and kissed him. In his own body Brad had had no desire to make out with a man, much less someone he was related to. But the fact was that the man he was kissing was himself, making him more comfortable and relaxed. It was his own face, his own body pressing urgently against his new form.

Brad felt the first stirrings of warmth between his legs as he pressed Meghan’s soft body back up against his former masculine one, his slender fingers running through his former hair as he opened Meghan’s mouth to allow his own tongue inside. Her hot breath was in his mouth, her tongue circling his own. Brad’s own, muscular hands slid up and down his wide back, Meghan enjoying the warm feel of her previous curves beneath the clothes. Meghan slid her brother’s hand down to caressed Brad’s squeezable new buttocks and he suddenly pulled away. Meghan still held him close, towering over him, and he looked up at her, feeling vulnerable and soft all of a sudden.

Is…is this right?” He asked in a small voice. He could feel Meghan’s manhood pressing through his pants, driven by the nearness of his newly feminine body. He was curious what it would be like to have sex as a woman. But…as his sister?

Look,” Meghan said, brushing a strand of hair behind one of his ears and caressing his face, “We’ve known each other forever, right? We’re in each other’s bodies. We’re already as close as two people can get. Why not try out…everything. Besides, you’re on the pill.” She smiled, her perfect, masculine features were achingly perfect from Brad’s new perspective.

Brad was aware of a pulsating warmth emanating from between his new legs. This was his fantasy, and he was desperate to explore. He nodded, silently, and she kissed the tip of his tiny nose.

Meghan helped Brad undress her own body, pulling the white tank top up and over his head as Meghan’s long hair cascaded over his pretty new face. Brad brushed it out of his eyes as Meghan deftly unclipped his bra and Brad slipped out of it. His breasts bobbed free, unconstrained, as a massive pressure suddenly disappeared.

Oh, God, is that what wearing a bra feels like?” He asked, caressing his sore breasts. Meghan giggled as Brad looked down at himself, admiring the view of his own wonderful breasts, the perfect curves hanging from his chest, the nipples already perky in anticipation. They were soft and filled his hands as he admired his new form.

Meghan leaned down and placed her lips on his breasts, her hot breath and gentle licks causing goosebumps to cascade across Brad’s sensitive skin, fanning the embers of his lust. Meghan expertly played her former breasts, knowing exactly when to suck, to gently nibble and caress, sending flames licking through his sister’s form. Brad’s breath came quicker now, his body hot for the touch of himself. He briefly pulled away to slide off his pants and shed his panties—already moist with desire—down and around his full ass until he stood naked in Meghan’s body. He turned around and looked behind him, at Meghan’s amazing ass, the curves luscious and perfect. He had to admit that his sister was hot. He’d always avoided thinking about it, thinking about her, trying to hide those taboo thoughts. But there was no hiding anything now, as he stood in the middle of the kitchen naked in her body.

Meghan grabbed Brad’s tiny hand and led him to her bedroom, Brad’s lusty anticipation burning brighter with each step, his eyes on his gently swaying breasts. What must it feel like to have this weight bobbing from his chest all the time? Would he ever tire of it?

As soon as Meghan closed the door Brad was on her, stripping the clothes off his former body until she, too, stood naked, her manhood erect, all attention focused on Brad and his lovely form. His dick was so different from this perspective. It seemed huge in his slender hand as he stroked it gently.

Brad pushed Meghan onto the bed and straddled his former body. He began grinding his sopping pussy up and down his former shaft, not letting her inside just yet, simply rubbing against the underside, building the anticipation. Meghan’s body ached with a fierce desire each time the bulbous head of Brad’s cock hit the hood of his clit. His hair fell down over one side of his face as brother and sister stared at each other in unspeakable lust. Brad’s new hands roamed over a masculine chest that seemed so broad from his new perspective, as his sister squeezed and bobbed the breasts that had suddenly become unfamiliar and perfect.

Brad continued grinding his sister’s lusty body against his former member until he was nearly bursting with want. He lifted his hips and slipped his former cock against his wet opening, pushing down as the pressure built, built, and then suddenly she was inside him. He bit his lip and moaned as he sank down, feeling the hard-softness fill his body inch by inch as strong hands grabbed his heavy ass and his sister bucked her hips, thrusting deep into his velvety folds. Brad bounced slowly up and down the shaft, the powerful throbbing heat filling him with a satisfaction he’d never known. He moaned, softly at first, but growing louder as the fire spread through him, new explosions set off each time the cock sank deep inside Brad’s wonderful wet pussy.

Brad closed his eyes, listening to his sister’s feminine moans coming from his own lips, feeling his curvy new body bounce up and down as the cock inside thrust and retreated, thrust and retreated, burning him hotter with pleasure until suddenly Meghan grunted beneath him. Brad felt his own cock throbbing inside, a delicious powerful feeling, followed by a flood of warmth as he was filled beyond fullness with a wet heat and pleasure so intense it cleansed him of thought. He cried out to the empty room as Meghan emptied his own cock inside him, flooding him with her hot cum as he roe her hard, grinding out every last bit of pleasure while his body erupted. The burning desire ebbed and soon disappeared, leaving him calm and sated.

Read the rest…and more!…on Smashwords or Amazon.

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  1. I have most if not all these stories from the different volumes published. However, bought it to support! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I did edit them a little, and you may notice that one wasn’t originally a swap between family members, so hopefully you got something different out of it!


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