Substitute Teacher (Preview)

Substitute Teacher, my latest story involving Swap Class, is now available on Smashwords and Amazon. Preview below!

It was supposed to be Chris’s dream come true: a body swap with his hot teacher for Swap Class. But then a troublemaker was plopped into his class at the last minute and Chris could only watch as the biggest thug in school stole ended up in the body of Chris’s favorite teacher.

What’s more, the bully apparently found a way around the protocols that prevented people from fully exploring their new bodies.

Now, Chris is more aroused than ashamed to watch his hot teacher pleasure herself. Can Chris stop the bully before he goes too far and tries to stay in the teacher’s body forever? And does Chris want to if it means the end of his private show?

This 6300+ word story contains male to female body swapping and sexual situations and is for mature readers only.

That afternoon, Chris lay in bed trying to wrap his head around the emotional high and lows of the day. For the first time in his life he was just a little bit thankful for his asthma. While he didn’t enjoy the indignity of having a sweaty-faced wheezing fit in front of the whole class and having the school nurse call his mom to pick him up… it had gotten him out of a fate worse than death. The idea of swapping with Eric’s massive, pot-stenched body made him shudder.

His musing was interrupted by the sound of Miss Andrews’s car pulling into her garage. And a thought crossed Chris’s mind – now that Eric was in his teacher’s body, would he shake up her routine? Would he change her clothes in the bathroom or the bedroom? The controls built into the body swap system would block out any prurient interest and permanent knowledge of Miss Andrews’s body from Eric, but that didn’t mean Chris couldn’t get a show. He grabbed his laptop and turned on the camera feed in time to see Miss Andrews come through the door.

To Chris’s surprise, Eric marched Miss Andrews straight upstairs, disappearing from one camera and reappearing in another until he in the bedroom. Eric unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it to the floor, then pulled down his skirt and stepped out of it. Chris’s cock jumped to attention as he saw Miss Andrews in only a bra and panties for the first time. Her curves were impossibly perfect, her breasts heavy, her waist pleasantly thick, the cheeks of her ass plump and biteable. The only thing between her naked body and Chris’s eyes were two thin pieces of fabric. And to think it was almost him in that body.

Then, to Chris’s continued surprise, he watched as Eric forced Miss Andrews’s hands up to her chest and jiggled her breasts.

Eric laughed as he watched them wobble. “Shit. Bitch got some nice titties,” he said. It was incredibly disorienting to hear Eric’s language coming from Miss Andrews lips, her delicate voice uttering things she would have never said. It was also disorienting—but oh, so sexy—to watch her play with her tits like that. In the brief time Chris had watched his teacher, she’d never shown the slightest inclination to masturbate. At least not where Chris could see.

Now, Chris watched as Eric reached around and fumbled with the clasp of his bra. It took him a minute or two but he finally managed to unclasp it and slip out of it, freeing Miss Andrews’s tits. They bounced free, two perfect melons with fat, pink areolae. Eric laughed triumphantly and rotated his torso back and forth to make his breasts swing out madly before crashing against each other.

“Oww!” He laughed, gripping his heavy tits.

Eric wrapped his fingers around each breast, holding them up to his face and examining them closely, before squeezing and exploring their soft contours. Chris’s mouth dropped as he watched his teacher fondle her tits.

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  1. it may be because it featured one story, but your book previews have gotten shorter and shorter… 🙁

    liked this one tho

    1. Yeah, it’s kind of a re-telling, or maybe just a different version of Swap Course. Maybe I can continue it through some captions.

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