Second time bodyhopping

More with Dan it is! What is it you like about these in particular?

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  1. Elle-Jae
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    (re-posted from “First Time…” comments)

    O.K., M; I hope you don’t mind, but I was playing with ideas for putting something together that might give more detail about what Dan did for the rest of the day he first managed to body-hop successfully.

    So, if you, or any of your reader’s who’ve been asking for more of Dan’s initial explorations as a body-hopper, would like to offer some names for the other members of Dan’s family, I’d like to know so they can be included into the story (-ies)

    In particular, the names of Dan’s mom (unless you’d like to keep hers “Brandi”, the same as this magnificent, mature mode)l & dad would be helpful in composing some of the pages I have in mind. But, please, don’t take too long in giving your input.


  2. Horace
    Horace at | | Reply

    Make one of a man switching race along with the body swap

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous at | | Reply

    Amazing work! Extremely impressed. Dan is definetly my favorite character now, please make more with him!

  4. KIm
    KIm at | | Reply

    Love it M. I’m also looking to more of Dan’s experimentation…Great job!


  5. Elle-Jae
    Elle-Jae at | | Reply

    Well, well, well! It seems Dan has grown quite the following!.. And with only his second time managing to exercise his new-found ability.Can’t wait to see what other adventures are in store for the lucky guy!


  6. Amne
    Amne at | | Reply

    Very cool series, i want more ūüėČ

  7. Alan
    Alan at | | Reply

    Please do a sequel where he tries to show his powers to his friend by hopping his sister again but instead transports his friend into his sexy Latina neighbor who was in the middle of an orgy. (Write it from the friend’s POV).

  8. Anonymous
    Anonymous at | | Reply

    Please make a sequel where he body hops into a sexy tattooed punk girl in the middle of sex and experiences multiple orgasms by accident while he is trying to recreate the effect

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