Possession.com (Preview)

Possession.com, my sordid tale of body theft and control is now available on Smashwords and Amazon and wherever ebooks are sold. Includes some male to female, female to male, and male to male themes.

The people closest to Brian are acting strange, saying and doing things that are out of character.

As if they’re being controlled by someone else.

Brian’s suspicions are confirmed when he finds a website that claims to let users possess the body of anyone they desire: celebrities, friends, family…the possibilities are endless. What’s more, it seems his brother and his girlfriend have been reviewed a number of times, evidence that strangers have been inside, living their lives, exploring their young bodies.

And worse, they may still be there.

Can Brian find a way to save the people that he loves? Or will he be the next one to be possessed?

Brian let out a breath that he hadn’t realized he was holding and turned his attention to the reviews under Sally’s profile..

Soooo my bro and I were totally pissed when our parents said theyd hired us an afterschool babysitter. I mean serious WTF! We’re leegaly adults yo! Anyway. hella pissed off until we found out that the chick they hired is on Possession. We’re serusly low on funds so our visits are short but that doesnt mean there not fun! 😉 Sally has a killer body. She’s like a x rated afterschool special! We’ve done everything with her. One time we even got her jerkwad of a boyfriend to come over and fuck her while we were in her body. Awesome! LOL!!1!

Brian stopped reading; he had to, panic gripped him. The review went on:, grisly details of their sex together… but Brian didn’t need to read the rest of it. He remembered it, remembered the clues he’d missed, the ones that now seemed obvious as he recalled the afternoon at the Blakemores…

* * * * *

Sally was smiling seductively when she opened the door. It was a huge, fancy house but Brian didn’t see much of it. As soon as he was through the door, Sally grabbed him by the shirt, pulled him over to the couch, threw him down and straddled him. Her lips found his and her tongue forced its way into his mouth. It was way more aggressive than Sally’s typical M.O. but, with a hot, squirming girl in his lap, Brian wasn’t really interested in stopping to comment.

Then an alarming thought his him. “Whoa, whoa,” he said breathlessly, pushing her back for a second. “What about the guys you’re babysitting?”

Don’t worry about them,” Sally said with a sly grin,trailing insistent, heavy kisses down his neck. “They’re occupied. And we’re gonna fuck.”

She pulled up her shirt and her perky breasts bounced free, bra-less and right in Brian’s face. Brian wrapped his hands around them, squeezing their silky weight gently in his fingers.

Mmm,” she moaned, “Suck on my boobies.”

He’d never heard her use that word before, but he didn’t stop to think about it. He wrapped his lips around one pink nipple and sucked greedily, pinching it lightly between his teeth and flicking out his tongue. Her skin tasted faintly of vanilla and her nipple grew erect in his mouth. Sally was soft and supple, her hips bucking against his, grinding into his rapidly hardening cock. She was uncharacteristically aggressive, moaning loudly as she reached down to play with her free nipple, twisting and pulling, and she seemed to be horny as hell.

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  1. This is the first book of yours I’ve bought, I haven’t been able to read it more than a few pages at a time but if this is an indication of how future caps will be, consider me a fan for life!

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