Body Swap with Marusya 4

Body Swap with Marusya part 4 As requested from several people, this part contains urination, but NOT pee play. This is about as far as I’m going to go with that. I wobble towards the door in my heels. Ok, I just have to not think about it and let Marusya’s body take over. I think about the night ahead…. Read more →

Body Swap with Marusya 3

Body Swap With Marusya Part 3 ———————- I towel my hair dry as much as possible while I return to Marusya’s room, still naked and still very much enjoying the sway of her ass. I find her phone and scroll through the messages with one delicate thumb, easily being able to read the Russian writing. Obviously some part of my… Read more →

Body Swap with Marusya 1

    sexymarusya  requested another story about swapping bodies with her and I got excited thinking about it so here goes, a sort of continuation, minutes after the swap: —————————————————— I look down at my new body, excited to explore the sexy curves that moments ago I had only seen in pictures. I sweep my small hand down my side,… Read more →

Doggy Style

  Anonymous asked you: can you do a caption of a swap between a teenage girl and a dog? ———————————————————————-   I threw most of my junk into my closet and looked for a cute outfit. Eric, the hot guy from  my English class was coming over to help me study. I’m pretty sure I was doing better in the… Read more →