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Older and Wiser Conclusion

Mateo was a minor celebrity when he returned to college. As one of the small percentage of people who’d swapped bodies, everyone wanted to know what it was like. He tried to act like he always had, but everyone treated him differently in his new body. He often caught his friends staring at his tits and was made uncomfortable when other men hit on him. Though he found it was growing on him, and several times caught himself imagining what this or that hunky guy would be like in bed. It was as if he was taking on more and more of Hailey’s sexual orientation.

One day an exotic dark haired young woman dressed in a shapeless t-shirt and baggy sweatpants approached him. She told him she used to be Devon until the swapping event had switched him with his brother’s girlfriend, Valentina. Things were rough at her house after everyone discovered the cause of the switch and Devon was still insecure about his beautiful new body. Mateo invited Devon back to his place.

I know it’s tough,” Mateo said, “But you’re going to have to get used to your new body. This is who we are now. Let me help you get as comfortable as me.”

Mateo slipped out of his top and unclasped his bra. His heavy breasts swung down in front of him and Devon stared at them lustily.

Go on,” Mateo whispered, “You can touch them.”

Devon slid Valentina’s fingers around Mateo’s swollen breasts. Looking up into Mateo’s eyes, Devon opened his mouth and gently sucked on Mateo’s nipple.

Mmm,” Mateo sighed, “Don’t they taste good?”

Devon nodded.

Now you show me yours.”

Devon pulled of his top with some trepidation.

I couldn’t figure out the bra,” he confessed, crossing his arms over his bare tits and staring down at the ground. Mateo slid a manicured finger beneath Devon’s soft chin and guided her lips up. They kissed, their warm breasts pressing against each other as Mateo felt the now-familiar throb of pleasure growing between his legs.

Mateo slid Hailey’s hand between Valentina’s legs and was delighted to find she was already growing moist. They continued kissing, Valentina’s tongue sliding inside Mateo’s mouth, her nose pressed against Mateo’s soft skin. Valentina tasted of strawberries and her velvety folds felt warm and wonderful as Mateo curled up his fingers against her clit.

Mateo was soon straddling Devon’s face, fingering Valentina’s young, nubile body as she hungrily licked his cunt.

Devon knew his way around a woman, and soon Mateo had Hailey’s pussy pressed down against Valentina’s chin, her tongue swirling around and inside Hailey’s slickness, pressing up against Mateo’s swollen clit as he moaned and gasped.

They came several times, both separately and together. They spent several hours, switching positions as Mateo showed Devon how to pleasure his new body. Finally, exhausted and spent, they cuddled together, their sexy, feminine forms pressed against each other.

That was nice,” Devon said, snuggling against Mateo’s thick breasts.

It was nice. But still, Mateo was missing something. He was missing a cock. Not to have, but to be thrust inside him, pounding him until he came hard and was filled with hot cum. Mateo had completely adjusted to his new body and it seemed Hailey had adjusted to hers. Hailey’s husband was probably lonely, and Mateo was aching for the company of a man. Maybe they would both be happy together.

It seemed Mateo was all woman now.

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