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Mystery Man

My latest full length story, Mystery Man, is now available on Smashwords and Amazon. Check out the preview below.

She was forcibly body swapped with a fat slob, stuck muddling through his life for a year as he ran off with her gorgeous body. When she finally gets returned to her own body, she finds herself with a bigger chest, plumper lips, and a life she doesn’t recognize.

And then the man she had been for that year turns up dead.

With the help of a detective, who also has ties to the body switcher, she’s tracking down what happened in the missing year of her life and trying to solve the murder.

Each clue sheds light on what the body switcher was doing as her for the past year. He’s been having his fun, enjoying her delicate form, changing her for his pleasure and leaving tantalizing evidence of exactly how decadent he’s been in her life right up to the end. She won’t like the answers, but she needs to find them.


I sat back in my chair and eyed her. She believed every word she’d said. “So, let’s say I believe you were Harvey for a year. Did you get into any trouble? Make anyone upset enough to kill?”

She shook her head, loosing a strand of curly black hair over one delicate ear.

I continued. “Then I can only think that you coming back to your body and Harvey being killed are somehow connected.”

Do you believe me?” she looked at me with her beautiful blue eyes.

I don’t believe that two people would make up the same lie.”

What do you mean?”

I reached into my jacket and pulled out the folded manila envelope. I handed it to Holly and sat back to watch the expression on her face as she opened it. I’d been the first person to see what was inside, of course, so it held no surprises for me.

This was in Harvey’s apartment.” I told her as she opened up the envelope with trembling fingers.

She tipped the contents of the envelope into her hands. It consisted of a couple glossy photos and a USB stick. She looked at the photos, one by one. The first was of her body on a beach, posing in a tiny bikini that barely held her breasts in place. They were her real breasts when these were taken: small and supple. Her cute face was laughing at the camera. In the next one she’d taken her top off and was holding her breasts, offering them up to the camera. I have to admit her tits were gorgeous, even as small as they’d been: round and smooth and perfect. In the next one she was turned around, offering her round ass to the viewer, her head lightly turned with a come-hither smile playing across her red lips. In the last picture her body was lying on a towel on the sand, naked, a hand draped over her head, beads of sweat forming across her stomach, her thighs. The dark trail of her pubic hair disappeared between her crossed legs.

I watched Holly as she looked at the pictures of herself, taken by a stranger. Her brow furrowed in disgust, her lips narrowed. God, she was gorgeous, even when she wasn’t trying to be.

What’s—“ she started, sopped, licked her lips. “What’s on this?” She held out the USB.

I stood and plugged it into the back of her television, then turned it on and switched to the right input. I sat back and lit another cigarette as I watched the emotions play out on her face while she stared at the video. This is what she saw:


An extreme close-up of Holly’s breasts as she bent over the camera. Still pre-surgery and even lovelier this close up. She backed up and her face came into view as she made sure the camera was on. Her long, dark hair flowed around her shoulders. Her face was beautifully made up, her skin smooth, her eyes subtly outlined. Two large hoop earrings dangled from her ears. From this angle the camera looked right down the small valley of her breasts.

Ok, good, it’s on,” Holly said. She turned and walked unsteadily to the couch in the background and now we could see the rest of her outfit: a black top that clung to her body, a tiny white skirt that was practically painted onto her legs, high heels that highlighted her firm calves.

She collapsed onto her butt on the couch, laughing.

Oh man, I haven’t walked in heels in a long time,” said the mystery man in Holly’s body. He tossed her hair back and let it drop down his shoulders, then he smoothed out his skirt and looked at the camera.

Hi, Holly,” he said in her own husky voice, “If you’re watching this it means I’ve gotten tired of your body and moved on. Although…” he paused and looked down at his body, running one hand along his breasts, “I don’t know how I could ever get tired of this.” He giggled, letting Holly’s breasts jiggle up and down…


Read the rest on Smashwords or Amazon.

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