Like mother like daughter (f2f)

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous at | | Reply

    I often have to save photos like these to my tablet for later viewing. The text on this and several recent ones did not transfer, leaving only the picture with blackness around it.

  2. john smitc
    john smitc at | | Reply

    i love this i would love to see what happens to the mom in Kylie’s body. great work

  3. Cal Narri
    Cal Narri at | | Reply

    Awesome, I love accidental Family swaps

  4. Zapper
    Zapper at | | Reply

    Very hot caption. I’m guessing the mom should have cancelled the date instead of sending her daughter out into the lion’s den. . . hehehe


  5. TheOneAndOnly
    TheOneAndOnly at | | Reply

    Jay was a nerd. There was no other way to put it. He achieved tip grades at school, had all the latest cinsoles. One thing he lacked however was friends to play or hang with. So jay had to get his kicks in another way. He’d go on chat sites with the nickname “HornyAlice_16”. One day when he was pretending to be a school girl slut, he ended up talking to a man who unknown to jay, had certain special powers. When jay slipped up the man realises and turns jay into the girl he said he was… 36D cup size , slightly smaller than 5 foot, thin and sexy. But the worst part for jay…. There was a constant wetness between his newly feminine legs. A constant hankering for cock filled jays head.

    Everyone he did something sexual, he got hornier and dumber.

    Hope this gives you an idea for your next longer story.


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