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Request: My fiancee (Danny) is a big masculine guy and has recently started working with my friend and I know he wants to fuck her. I’d love you to do a story where he gets put in her body and actually enjoys being a small woman with a big ass! Even better if I agree to a threesome not knowing they’ve switched!

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  1. Elle-Jae
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    Damn, Zapper! Throwing down the love-glove – er, gauntlet, I mean – was not my intent, but you have picked it up and donned a silken opera glove, M’dear. And I’ve no idea how you managed to carry this in the same direction I had in mind. But the “gag-order/secrecy-ward” is an interesting twist. And you’ve left our trio in quite the pickle… Plenty of which will be served with ice cream in the coming months, no doubt.

    Maybe we should have sought some additional images or the names of the models and turned this into a caption three-way our respective blogs. (I see that you’ve generally left the Twisting of TG Files to Doc and Aarti – and a wonderful array of tales they’re telling – and my own efforts have been…nonexistent of late.)


    1. Zapper
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      I’m glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, life has been crazy for me lately. Not much time for doing much except work. lol


  2. Anonymous
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    Elle, is that a challenge? lol


    Danny lay back after shocks of post orgasmic bliss hummed through his body leaving him weak and making it hard to think. The spell Chloe had bought from the tantric witch and, with his delighted agreement, used to switch their bodies had worked to perfection. His one condition was that once they swapped they’d be unable to tell anyone who they really were. The idea of Vi knowing his deepest fantasy was to be a girl and get ploughed by his own mighty love tool was too embarrassing.

    Chloe had agreed and with the help of the witch adjusted the spell adding Danny’s condition. Then Chloe cast the spell and they’d not only traded bodies, but transfer mannerisms and even identity causing them to answer to each other’s name. Danny felt a moment of vertigo and then world spin around and he gasped using Chloe’s voice.

    “It worked. I’m Chloe!” He giggled, “But I’m really Chloe and I’m a girl! Wow, it really worked.”

    “That’s so hot. Now let’s get over to Vi’s place. She wants a threesome!” Chloe said eagerly her man-meat coming to attention at the thought of ramming it into Vi’s tight little love hole. Before they left the witch had explained to Chloe that the magic would boost their carnal pleasure and Danny’s masculine stamina and recovery time. They’d both been delighted at this news.

    Now as he lay there drowsing, Danny tried to remember the witch’s warning. This powerful magic was fueled by sex. The more intense the sex the more potent the spell. He’d never felt magically boosted sex, or sex from the female perspective before . . . as little aftershocks of pleasure raced through his body he reached down to his well-used pussy and started playing with his sensitive folds. What had the witch said? Small wishes, made while having sex, under the influence of this spell would come true? ‘Like . . . getting pregnant?’ he wondered and then grinned. ‘Well, Chloe will look super-hot waddling around the office.’

    He glanced over at Vi and Chloe (still in his masculine body) and giggled when he saw Vi stroking Chloe’s cock back to attention.

    “Babe, you’re such a stud! I’ve always enjoyed making love to you, but today . . . Wow! You’re a stallion! I swear your dick is bigger than usual!” Vi murmured. “Watching you ploughed Chloe has me so hot.” Vi glanced over at Danny, “Look at Chloe, Danny, she’s practically glowing. I bet you got her peggers with that last load! She’s gonna be a great mommy, but it’s time for me to show you why your marrying me!”

    Vi climbed onto Chloe and using a delicate hand guided Chloe’s cock into her wet pussy. Chloe felt a popping sensation and then the intense warm heat as Vi’s folds engulfed her member.

    “OOooohhhh . . . damn. I’ll never get tired of how good your pussy feels.”

    “Mhmm . . . oh, yeah, right there!” Vi shouted moving her hips in a slow circle, squeezing Chloe’s sausage with her inner muscles and grinding her clit into Chloe’s masculine pelvic bone.

    “You liked it when I put a baby into Chloe?” Chloe asked reaching up to massage Vi’s fun bags. The she glanced over at Danny who was now playing with his clit with one hand while stuffing the fingers of his other hand into his cunt. Chloe looked up at Vi, “I wish you could know what it feels like to be a man and to have a big fat cock pounding a sweet little pussy into pregnancy!”

    Vi’s eyes rolled back, and she bit her lip to prevent herself from screaming with pleasure as a pulse of magically enhanced feminine orgasmic bliss exploded into her writhing body.

    ‘Oh, fuck, yeah, I wish I had your cock! I wish I knew what it felt like for a man.’ Vi thought, to embarrassed to say the words out loud.

    Danny caught up in the tantric magic moaned and his own lust didn’t hear what Chloe had said. The sight of Vi riding Chloe in his body filled him with carnal need. “Oh yeah, fuck that pussy!” Danny wished they’d included Vi in the swap, just imagining Vi using his rod to fill her womb pushed him over the edge and he felt his body explode with a self-induced orgasm.

    The world spun around and suddenly Vi was looking up into her own face from her boyfriend’s eyes. She felt the uniquely male sensation of her gonads pulling up and then one explosion of hot cum after another shot up her rod and into her former womb impregnating it.

    “Oh, fuck, I don’t know what just happened, but I wish we could all stay like this forever!” Vi screamed with Danny’s male voice.

    Magic pulsed through the room and the only thing Danny could think before he passed out from orgasmic exhaustion was, “Oh, shit, I’m gonna be a mommy.”


    There you go Elle, lol.

    – Now Chloe got Chloe pregnant.
    – Vi got Vi pregnant.
    – Danny gets to know the joys of motherhood and none of them can tell each other what happened.
    – Vi thinks Danny is in her body.
    – Danny thinks Chloe is in his body.
    – Chloe knows the truth but can’t tell anyone.



  3. Elle-Jae
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    Right, Zapper. And she has no idea how much truer her long-held belief that Danny eats pussy like a girl is now. But what really shocks her is…

    “… And Vi also loved having her friend’s wet pussy pressing against her mouth as Chloe started lapping her boyfriend’s jizz from her smooth thighs and vulva. Even more when she felt Danny’s mouth join Chloe’s in the clean-up effort between her legs. But, Vi was too turned-on by licking Chloe’s velvety labia to let the fact that Danny had never licked his own cum off her before.

    “Lhmn-num-num. Your spooge tastes so good on Vi’s skin, Danny,” Vi could sort of hear Chloe say and Danny reply, “So it does, Chloe. and even better mixed with her pussy-juice.” just before his tongue plunged deeply inside her still-hungry snatch as the two lavished their oral skill upon, in and around Vi’s pussy to the point that she lost track of whose mouth was where when she erupted into cascades of mind-shattering orgasm!

    By the time Vi returned to her senses Danny’s cock and Chloe’s face were over hers as her bestie licked her guy’s gear with a short pause to say, “Your cock tastes so much better with our pussy-flavors all over it. Don’t you think so, Vi?”

    She slid her tongue along Danny’s dick a few times and answered, “Yeah, it does. But I think I’d like there to be more of your juice added to it, babe.” Then Vi guided her friend into sixty-nine position over her and said, “The thought of seeing my boyfriend’s cock sliding in-&-out of your yummy cunt is really making me more horny – if that’s possible. So, Danny, since your dick is already ready for more action I want you to fuck the daylights out of Chloe right over my face!”

    Chloe gladly granted her best friend’s request as she shoved her raging hard-on into her former womanhood and was motivated by Danny’s high-pitched, girlish, panting grunts and the addition of Vi’s tongue on her balls and Danny’s clit to ram her manhood into his cunt for all she was worth!

    Danny lost count of how many orgasms he reached with Chloe fucking his tight pussy while his girlfriend, unknowingly, licked her boyfriend’s clit and her girlfriend’s balls like they were in a porn flick. He managed to stutter and squeal that he wanted to have “Danny’s” baby, which prompted Vi to a new level of kinkiness as she added, “Ooh-yeah! Fill her pussy with your cum, Danny! I want to suck your jizz out of her sweet snatch!”

    Chloe had planned to blow her nuts all over Vi’s face and Danny’s beautiful ass since she knew what it would mean if she came in her former pussy. But with the overwhelming lust the three of them shared at that time, and the kinky abandon that Vi was expressing, she knew that there was only one choice to make as her testes erupted into her former vagina… Whether or not to tell Vi that her boyfriend would be bearing his own child?

    For his part, Danny shuddered and convulsed in the throes of his most intense female orgasm, as yet, unaware of the consequences his lust-driven statement would bring. He rolled onto his side, feeling the weight of his perky tits and hard, tingling nipples shift as he lay next to his girlfriend, whose mouth urgently worked on his pussy trying to milk as much of his and Chloe’s combined cum from his gushing womanhood… One that he would be experiencing the joys – and sorrows – of for some time to come! …”

    Well, if that doesn’t put a new twist on their relationship I don’t know what would… other than Chloe getting Vi pregnant too. And I wonder if this qualifies as the “more” requested by your requestor, Vi?


    1. Anonymous
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      omg this right here is perfect!

  4. Anonymous
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    omg thank you so much this is my favourite thing in the world! I’d love even more if you’d be willing?

  5. Zapper
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    Very hot threesome. I love the fact that Vi doesn’t know Chloe and Danny have switched bodies. lol


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