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A collection of stories featuring men and women swapping bodies and body parts or being transformed through magic. The stories in this book include:

Mommy’s Boy
A young man returns home from college for a visit and finds his parents acting strangely. When his high school teacher appears wearing a skimpy dress he realizes something is up, but can he stop the magic before it changes his life forever?

To Be Young Again
A grandfather somehow swaps bodies with his granddaughter and is forced to live her life. Now that he’s got a second chance at life, will he give it up to go back to being old?

Summer Lovin’
Two guys at a summer camp find a magic medallion that enables them to possess their hot counselor.

Mike’s car rattles to a stop in his parents’ driveway. The car’s only got a couple thousand miles on it but it’s already making a weird noise. He makes a mental note to ask his dad to have a look this weekend as he steps out of the car. The house looks exactly the same as he remembers it. Maybe a little more quaint from his mature, college perspective. Mike’s only been away a semester but the neighborhood is already starting to feel alien.

He hoists his bag full of dirty laundry out of the trunk. He figures it’s easier to do laundry at home than on campus, mostly because Mike knows it will be his mom that will do the laundry for him. Strange that she’s not rushing out to greet him. He lugs his bag up to the front porch and unlocks the door.

‘I’m home!’ he shouts, his voice echoing through the foyer.

Mike hears pounding footsteps running down the stairs.

‘Hey, there’s my college boy!’ Mike’s dad, Roger cries, running around the corner with his apron flapping in the breeze.

Roger wraps his ropy arms around his son and they embrace in a manly hug with lots of backslapping. Roger grabs Mike’s shoulders and steps back, looking him up and down.

‘Have you grown?’ he asks.

Mike clutches the slight paunch of his stomach and laughs. ‘Only the Freshman fifteen.

Then he pauses and it’s his turn to look his dad up and down.

‘Are you cooking now?’ Mike asks, looking at the flowery apron his dad wears. Mike always thought of his dad as one of those uber-macho guys who wouldn’t be caught dead in the kitchen wearing an apron, much less one covered with flowers like this ine.

‘Oh, this? Yes, I’m cooking now so your mother has more time to look after herself.’

‘What do you mean? Is she okay?’

‘Of course, better than she’s ever been!’ Roger beams.

‘Where is mom?’

‘Oh!’ Roger’s eyes grow wide, ‘I forgot to announce you. I’ll go get her.’

He races up the stairs calling out, ‘Honey? Love? Your son’s here.’

Announce him? Mike has no idea what his dad is talking about, but a few seconds later he hears his mom’s voice coming down the stairs.

‘I told you to tell me the moment he got here,’ his mother snaps.

‘Yes, ma’am, sorry, ma’am,’ his dad replies sincerely.

Mike’s dad had never called his mom “ma’am” before. If they’re now into some sort of weird dominant role-playing thing this whole Thanksgiving weekend is going to be bizarre. This thought is wiped out of his head the second Mike’s mom, Charlotte, turns the corner.

She wears a black, low-cut top that reveals two heavy breasts, and cut-off shorts that barely cover her thick thighs, leaving her long legs bare. She’s showing miles of golden skin that Mike never expected—or wanted—to see on his own mother. Mike’s never spent any time staring at his mom’s breasts, but as she presses them against him for a hug he swears they’ve gotten bigger. And her outfit…she’d always been one to decry the slutty way teens dressed and here she is dressed exactly like that. Even her face is more made up than usual. Her dark eyes are highlighted and her eyebrows are darkened and arch majestically over each pale blue eye. Even her hair seems to be blonder and wavier than he remembers.

‘Hello, son! Oh, I’ve missed you.’

Charlotte holds Mike tight, pulling him firmly against her chest so that Mike is uncomfortably aware of his mom’s breasts poking into him, of her bare skin on display and pressed to his.

She releases him and, without turning, snaps her fingers at Roger. ‘Roger! Drinks!’ she yells.

He nods and scurries into the kitchen. Mike’s mom takes his arm in hers and leads him to the couch in the sitting room. In the corner there’s a huge cage lying on the floor, the sort that one would board a large dog in.

‘What’s that?’ Mike asks.

‘Oh, that’s Roger’s,’ his mom says, dismissing it with a wave of her hand.

She sits down on the couch and wiggles her chest before thrusting one hand down her top and crudely adjusting her breasts without shame. Mike looks away, his face flushing, as his mom’s tits wobble back and forth at her touch, ‘This top sometimes needs to be adjusted. There! So, tell me about college!’

She sits back and crosses her meaty legs. Her tiny shorts slide up between her thighs and Mike catches a glimpse of dark red panties. He looks away again quickly, wishing there was a way to bleach the memory out of his head. Whatever brought on this change in his mom, Mike doesn’t approve.

Mike starts to tell his mom about his classes and his roommate, dropping hints about the laundry he’s brought home. His stories are soon interrupted by his dad, who enters with a bottle of beer and a glass of champagne.

‘Congratulations on almost finishing your first semester!’ Mike’s dad says, handing him the bottle of beer. He then turns and hands the champagne glass to Charlotte, standing over her expectantly. She sips and nods.

‘This will do. You may sit.’ She says.

‘Thank you,’ he says, sitting on the floor in front of Charlotte.

Mike hardly knows how to react. Before he can say anything the doorbell rings. Roger jumps up to answer it. He comes back in a few seconds later, trailed by Mrs. Bowen, Mike’s high school history teacher. She’s young, probably in her mid-twenties, with straight black hair pulled back in a ponytail that jiggles with each step. She has an oval face with a thin, upturned nose and beautiful almond-shaped eyes. Mike’s always had a crush on her and seeing her in his house, with a simple, red dress clinging to her shapely form, makes him do a double take.

Mike’s mom looks up. ‘Ashley!’ she says, holding up her arms.

Mike watches in astonishment as Mrs. Bowen sits in his mom’s lap, tucking her dress underneath her and wrapping her slim arms lovingly around Mike’s mom’s neck. Mike’s mouth literally drops open as Mrs. Bowen greets his mom with a deep kiss on the lips. Charlotte closes her eyes and Mike can see the bulge in Mrs. Bowen’s cheeks as Charlotte slips her tongue into Mrs. Bowen’s mouth. The two women kiss passionately for a few seconds, until Mike’s mom breaks it off. She rests her thick hands on Mrs. Bowen’s lean thighs and looks over at Mike. Mrs. Bowen continues kissing Charlotte’s neck and nibbling on her ear.

‘Mike, I believe you know Ashley Bowen,’ Charlotte says.

Mrs. Bowen looks up once and nods, before going back to nestling in Mike’s mom’s hair.

‘W—what’s going on?’ Mike stutters, his eyes flicking back and forth between his parents.

‘Oh, look at poor little Mikey, doesn’t know what’s going on,’ his mom laughs, a short mean burst of laughter that reminds Mike of Grant Sullivan, a bully from Mike’s high school who was also the only one ever to call Mike ‘little Mikey’.

Grant used to pick on Mike nearly every day at school. Grant was a fat, dumb kid who thought of himself as some tough guy. It got worse and worse until one day Mike exploded and they got into a fight in the hallway. In fact, it was Mrs. Bowen who found them and broke it up. Grant was expelled and Mike, a good kid who never got in trouble, was given a warning.

His mom sees the realization on Mike’s face.

‘Remember me? I’m back, little Mikey,’ she says, twisting a lock of her golden hair around a finger. ‘I’m Grant, the kid you got kicked out of school.’

Grant thinks the look on Mike’s face is almost better than sex.

‘You expelled me from school,’ he says, ‘but you can’t expel me from your mom’s body. I love chicks with some meat on them.’

Grant hefts up Charlotte’s chest and leers at Mike, before letting her breasts drop and bounce back into position.

‘That’s impossible,’ Mike says, the dumb look stuck on his face.

‘Nothing’s impossible when you’ve got magic. I can make your mom do anything I want. And your dad, too, for that matter. Oh, and watch this, this is great.’

Grant lightly touches Mrs. Bowen’s breast and she throws her head back and moans ‘Ooohhh!’, as a burst of pleasure burns through her. She trails a hand down her long, delicate neck.

‘Instant orgasm! I’m the world’s best lover,’ Grant grins, ‘This is the bitch that got me expelled, so I replaced her smartness with horniness. What are you now, Ashley?’

‘Oh, yes,’ she sighs, her small breasts heaving beneath her tight dress, ‘I’m your horny, little cunt.’ Ashley caresses the breasts of Grant’s stolen body, her eyes going wide with lust as she slips her fingers into the deep valley of Charlotte’s cleavage, feeling the warm, fleshy skin.

Grant pulls out a small book from his back pocket. It looks like some sort of small appliance manual but with a thick cover. The pages are dog-eared and worn. Grant quickly flips through until he comes to the page he’s looking for. He intones some words and watches as a gentle glow appears around Mike. Mike grunts between lips that are suddenly immobile.

‘That spell should keep you still for a little while so you can see what I’ve been doing in your mom’s body. Maybe I’ll make you masturbate about this later.’ Grant smiles.

With that, Grant wraps one of his stolen hands through Ashley’s hair and pulls her forcefully down onto his lips, while slipping the other hand beneath Ashley’s dress. Ashley’s lips are full and her mouth is warm and wet as Grant slides Charlotte’s tongue inside, tasting her. His nose presses into her soft cheeks and he inhales her gentle woody scent. Beneath Ashley’s dress, Grant’s slender fingers slide up Ashley’s warm thighs, gripping and squeezing her warm skin, sliding ever closer to her waiting sex.

Ashley melts at Grant’s touch. Her hands circle Charlotte’s body, sliding down across her fat breasts, over her stomach and down to the hem of he shirt, which she pulls off over Charlotte’s head. Mike’s mom’s heavy breasts bounce down, free from even a bra. Grant had used his magic to double the size of his breasts and now Ashley’s hands fly to them as they bobble free. She loves the heavy feel of them beneath her fingers, it’s one of the few things she still knows. They’re round and smooth and perfect. The fat, pink nipples are already perky with the lust throbbing through Charlotte’s body.

Grant lies Charlotte’s body down on the couch, letting his hands circle and caress his feminine form. Ashley unbuttons Grant’s shorts and slides them off his hefty legs. Then off come the red panties. Mike watches helplessly, frozen by the spell, as his mom lies on the couch naked in front of him. Her large breasts flop partway down her sides, spilling over her chest, the nipples thick and pink and pointed in lust. Grant spreads his meaty thighs, revealing the dark, coarse hair of Charlotte’s sex, the nether lips already wet with desire. He slips Charlotte’s fingers inside himself, feeling his wet warmth, manipulating his tender folds as Ashley kneels above him, licking her lips as she watches him pleasure his new body.

‘You want to lick my pussy?’ Grant asks.

Ashley nods, dumbly, biting her lip. She’s so horny and she desperately needs Charlotte’s body.

‘You’re gonna need a faceful of cum, first.’ Grant orders.

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  1. Aurelius
    Aurelius at | | Reply

    was an interesting read, but the stories were short and even all three together seemed way too little for a $4 price

    that said, i was happy to pay it to support one of my favorite caption makers. just pay me back by dipping into the less tame stuff more often, huh? 😉

  2. TittieMonkey
    TittieMonkey at | | Reply

    I loved it. The first story was my favorite by far.

  3. Chris
    Chris at | | Reply

    Wish I could afford the book M, but can’t so I’ll wish you good luck. I’m especially interested in that mommys boy story.

  4. Zapper
    Zapper at | | Reply

    M, this book looks interesting. Will you have it on Amazon soon?


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