*DING* TRANSFORMATION COMPLETE The transformation app Tyler had stumbled upon was worth every penny he paid. He could become anyone he wanted just by taking their picture and pushing a few buttons. He had just transformed himself into an exact duplicate of a girl he’d seen at the bar the night before. Tyler looked at his new body in his… Read more →


Jason had found a wishing stone and had taken over Jennifer’s body for the day. He loved her cute, little nose and sexy ass, but was slightly disappointed by Jennifer’s boobs. They didn’t look as big from this angle, but he could fix that. He grasped the wishing stone with his slender fingers and said, “I wish my tits were… Read more →

Ha ha

Do you really think I’m going to give you your body back, Amber? Your tits are magnificent you’ve got a killer body that I’m really going to enjoy. I can tell by that erection in your pants that you agree, no matter how much you protest. Tell you what, I’ll let you come inside your body one last time. Where… Read more →

Teacher Conference

Rob knew that all the shit he pulled in class was going to get him in trouble when his mom met Mr. Dawkins at the parent-teacher conference tonight. Fortunately, he’d stolen a helmet and some sonic implants from his dad’s laboratory that looked just like a pair of earrings. He’d given the earrings to his mom as a “gift” then… Read more →

Your ass is mine

Hey, honey, do you like the body swap implants I put in both of us as much as I do? Your body feels amazing from the inside! I think I must have adjusted the sensitivity too high, though, because the feeling of my shirt slipping over my shoulders is making my nipples rock hard and taking off my panties is… Read more →

Woman interrupted

Request: May I request another possession story involving another curvy slightly chubby women like the last one? ————————————————————————- As soon as Bill saw Marisa’s husband leave for work he lay on his bed and cast the possession spell. Instantly he found himself in Marisa’s body. She had been putting her shirt on but Bill stopped her and felt her try… Read more →


Eric had finally mastered his new-found possession powers and taken control of Rachel’s body, the woman in the apartment across the street. She’d resisted at first as Eric made his new body remove her work clothes, leaving only the heels, so he could admire the plump curves. Eric thought it was a shame that she hid such an amazing body… Read more →