Doggy Style

  Anonymous asked you: can you do a caption of a swap between a teenage girl and a dog? ———————————————————————-   I threw most of my junk into my closet and looked for a cute outfit. Eric, the hot guy from  my English class was coming over to help me study. I’m pretty sure I was doing better in the… Read more →


It had been several hours and Justin was sure that the whore who had stolen his body wasn’t coming back. He uncomfortably shifted his slim, sexy legs and tried to figure out what to do. The night before he had picked up some whore and brought her back to this cheap motel. He thought he got a good bargain when… Read more →


As Tyson rose out of the water he could feel something was wrong. He grabbed his boobs in both hands, “I’ve got tits,” he exclaimed, “And my voice, and my…” Tyson explored his new pussy underneath the water. “Why am I a chick?” The creepy old man cackled, “I told you the water would give you the perfect body, you… Read more →