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More Than Just Friends (Carly's TG Captions)

More Than Just Friends (Carly’s TG Captions)

I’m happy to announce I’ve got a guest caption today, courtesy of a caption swap with Carly’s TG Captions. She’s been writing for awhile but I only just recently stumbled across her site (What can I say? We’re all comfortable in our bubbles!). Her captions are deliciously sexy and always entertaining. If you enjoy my captions you’ll love hers. So check… Read more →

'Always Together' by Nikki L. Falcon

‘Always Together’ by Nikki L. Falcon

Today’s guest post is from Nikki L. Falcon an enticing and prolific author of captions and stories. She’s especially into body swaps and transformations involving Asian women, which I know some of you have been asking me for. Check out more of her sexy caps on deviant art! This is one she did for me:

Misplaced possession addendum

Misplaced possession addendum

Elle from added this nice little ending: … I giggled lightly and felt my cheeks flush with embarrassment at having happened to ‘interrupt’ their afternoon delight while my nipples attempted to leap from their fleshy perches and a fresh heat-wave flooded my foreign sex with a hungry dampness I’d never felt before.“Well, d…arling, I’m not quite feeling myself today! And, honestly,… Read more →