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    Loved the story, and Elle’s addition!


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    “… At least, not without a little time to get more familiar with his new perspective and how little he felt inside NIcki’s body, which induced surprisingly little shock in Brett, (despite having no clue what had happened to make him and Nicki switch bodies). After all, he was intimately familiar with this body, but that was from where Nicki now stood, towering over him – an unfathomable juxtaposition which induced foreign feelings of female arousal deep inside him.

    He turned his gaze from the swelling manhood in the warm-ups now worn by his girlfriend up into his own, smiling, eyes and asked, “What’s the last thing you can rememb- uh, recall, Nicki? I was about half way through my run, and then I found myself waking up lying in bed – and your body.”

    Nicki thought for a moment and startled herself when her new, bass voice answered, “I was … I don’t remember anything from before. I must have been asleep. Dreaming.” She gave Brett’s pretty, petite from a lusty once-over then considered the strain of her new appendage struggling for release from her jogging pants and added, “I’m not entirely sure that I’m not still dreaming, babe.”

    Brett’s delicate fingers danced over the light fabric of his nightie, stirring the sensitive skin beneath it to the certainty of their being fully conscious as static sparkled through every nerve of his small body. A slight gasp accompanied his intake of a breath. “Uhm… While this does feel dreamy, I’m pretty sure we are actually awake and in each-other’s body.”

    “And I’m sure you’re pretty, Brett!” Nicki quickly stepped forward and literally swept her lover off his tiny bare feet to whisk her former female form towards their bed as he let out a high shriek. “Eeek! Haha-HOly-shIT! Put me down, Nicki!” he giggled girlishly before his command was granted and Brett found his tummy filled with butterflies as he bounced on the bed.

    Brett would have been lying to himself if he tried to deny the warm flush of arousal that had been augmented by the caress of his nightie against the stiff nipples of his bouncing, perky titties and the ease with which Nicki’s muscular frame then displayed as she grabbed his smooth legs and spun him to where she was standing between them. The lust-filled grin that adorned her handsome, square-jawed countenance told Brett that he was about to become much better acquainted with with his new perspective!

    All Brett could manage to do as Nicki knelt at the edge of the bed and pulled the lacy panties from his body before draping his legs over her shoulders was pant and grab the soft lobes of flesh on his chest to try and quell their need for attention. A muted mewling escape his throat as his lover planted a tender kiss on each of his smooth thighs then made his eyelids flutter as her tongue slid up his puffy vulva to release his slippery pussy-lips…”

    I don;t know about the rest of you gurlz, but my belief that “the lady always comes first” means exactly the opposite of so many captions in which the first sexual act after two lovers swap bodies is expressed in fellatio… But, maybe it’s just me?

    As ever, M; An enticingly enigmatic jumping-off point for a tale of traded faces! And I still have no idea what drought their swap about. Maybe it had something to do with what Nicki was dreaming?

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