1. yes yes yes oh my god yes pleae all of my whole life i have wanted to be the woman lying on her back being fucked! oh my god having a pussy between! my legs and nice firm soft breast on my chest!

  2. Yes! M2M are by far the most underappreciated and underrepresented type of caption. Thank you for this, and please consider doing more like it!

  3. “… After they had taken some pics and had another couple rounds of incredibly intense sex, the hot, horny chick who Nick had been aiming for when he cast the spell purred, “OH…MY…GOD, Kat! I don;t know how you managed to swap our bodies like this, but having sex in your body and feeling you fuck me with my own cock was totally amazing, babe!”

    Nick’s jaw dropped open, astonished at the revelation that the nubile, sensual sex-machine he’d just fucked was actually occupied by the big-dicked-dude whose cock he’d just used to pound her… (uh, him?) with! And the high-pitched pleadings ‘she’ had panted for Nick – thinking he was his girlfriend in his body – to fill ‘her’ pussy with his massive loads had kept Nick going like that battery-bunny!

    Meanwhile, back at Nick’s…
    Katherine suddenly found herself in a strange bedroom. A boy’s bedroom?! Holding a stiff dick – such as it was, in comparison to the one she’d just been stroking and licking – that she could actually feel her hand sliding up-&-down the sensitive stiffness of?! Shocked by the fact that found herself in the body of the boy from next door, but too taken with the sensations building in her scrotum and small shaft, Katherine looked down at her stiffie just in time to almost get shot in the eye by her ejaculate. “EEW, fuck! What the hell is goi…” she stopped mid-sentence with the strangeness of hearing herself speak using the voice of Nick as she grabbed a t-shirt to start wiping up the spurts of jizz that had spewed all over her skinny, hairless chest.

    She noticed an aged tome on the nightstand beside the twin bed she was laying on – Naked! In the twerp’s body! – but it was closed and appeared to be in some ancient script. Apart from that, her little dick still seemed to require more attention as she found herself fantasizing about the kid from next door being inside her sexy, female body so, she returned to stroking her persistent, young member for the time-being, which she soon lost track of…

    *bdddddp-bdddddp-bdddddp* Nick’s cell hummed at receiving some message from… Her boyfriend’s number!?! Katherine opened the message, only to see her ‘self’ with her man’s cock shoved balls-deep inside her tight snatch… Another load issued from her maleness and it’s hardness seemed to even increase!

    Back in Katherine’s bedroom…
    *bddp-bddp-bddp* Katherine’s phone chirped before Nick could respond. The guy in her body answered it in loudspeaker mode without looking at that id, only to be greeted immediately by Nick’s, very upset and screechy, male voice…

    “What the fuck did you do to us and why the hell is my boyfriend sending YOU pics of us… Er, YOU two, fucking!.. You little prick?! ”

    Katherine’s pretty eyes opened wide in horror as her boyfriend stuttered in her breathy, girlish tone, “WAIT! Y-you m-mean… You’re NOT my KAT?! I j-just got ff-fucked by some kid? The little runt f-from next door?!” He looked down his girlfriend’s fabulous flesh at the, still rigid, cock that had just filled his pussy with who knows how much of his own cum, then up at the eyes of the stranger in his buff, college athlete’s body to see Nick shrug his shoulders in bafflement – still squeezing Katherine’s supple breasts with his strong hands. …”

    Hell, if you’re gonna make a mistake with an invocation and miss your intended target, might as well make it a big-as mistake, huh?!

    I am so sorry, M! I know I should be writing and posting my own captions, but I just cannot seem to get my fingers to do much other than image-surf and comment, (hopefully in a complimentary manner), of other’s captions. And I love your stuff SO much, sweetie!!!


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