Boldly Coming (Preview)

Boldly Coming, available now on Smashwords.

Thanks to some strange magic, a group of guys find themselves transformed into the sexy women from their favorite star trekking science fiction series. Can they find a way to change back? And, after experiencing the full spectrum of female pleasure, do they even want to?

Leo and his friends were huge fans of the science fiction show Galaxy Patrol, a sci-fi series following a star ship that flew around the galaxy seeking out new life and new civilizations. Thanks to some strange magic, they suddenly found themselves transformed into the sexy female characters from the show:

Diane Sparta, the full figured advisor.
P’Torak, a cute woman from the highly logical race of Vorgons.
Number Six, a severe looking blonde, part human, part robot.
Leila, a full breasted bartender with a surprise between her legs.

Also includes a bonus short story about a hospital staff that carries out a secret operation to swap a dying boy into a snobbish girl’s body.

Leo awoke with a strange heaviness in his head. It was like being hung-over, except a little less nauseating and a little more dizzying. He didn’t rush to get out of bed and thought that, once again, he must have stayed up too late and woken up too early. Leo often felt like shit in the morning when he ate too much junk the night before. But something was different this time.

Leo kept his eyes closed and shuffled around in bed to try to escape the sun peeking through the blinds. Long hair brushed across his face and his chest felt heavy and oddly unbalanced as he twisted around in bed. There was also some sort of clothing twisted around his hips and legs. He brought his hands to his face to wipe the sleep from his eyes and paused. His skin felt softer and there was something off about the contours of his face. His eyebrows were slimmer and his nose was longer and narrower.

Still lying on his side, Leo opened his eyes and blinked the blurriness out of them. His hands rested on the bed right in front of his face. Well, someone’s hands were resting there. The hands were slim, the fingers feminine with gently rounded fingertips and glossy nails. He tried to move his own hands and saw the stranger’s hands moving instead. He brushed the hair from his face and paused again. He’d never had long hair. With a sudden jolt he sat up and threw the covers off.

There beneath him was a woman’s body, clad in a customary teal dress, a distinctive Galaxy Patrol badge pinned just above his breast. Holy shit he had breasts! He gaped down into the beautiful, unfamiliar cleavage and poked them with one finger. They wobbled gently on his chest. He was too panicked to move and too astonished to scream. A thousand thoughts whipped through his head as he stared down at his new breasts.

He slowly stood up, having a hard time balancing in her high heels at first. He shuffled in front of the mirror and gaped. Staring back at him, her mouth puckered in an ‘O’ of surprise just like his, was Diane Sparta.

She was gorgeous and slender, with soft skin, trimmed nails and frizzy black hair that hung down in waves across her shoulders. Leo hadn’t noticed the head band before either, and it was strange how his mind chose to focus on it now rather than stare into those deep blue eyes. Leo was a woman. Not just any woman. Leo was Diane Sparta.

Fuck me,” he whispered, amazed. He slowly brought his hands to his chest, and the woman in the mirror did the same. He could feel everything: the curvature of her hips, her trim frame, her breasts, the strange absence between his legs. His muscles were diminished and he’d lost half a head in height. Leo focused back on his tits. He pushed his breasts together, squeezing their weighty softness, and when he jumped up and down they bounced with him. Leo was balanced on the knife edge of terror and ecstasy. He was a woman. More, he was his dream woman. He had her body, her face.

This can’t be real…” he brushed his hands across his face. His voice was throaty and luscious, just like he’d imagined and hearing it in his bedroom sent shivers down his spine and sent a gentle warming sensation between his legs.

Hesitantly, he brought one hand up to his chest and stroked his fingers across his soft bosom.

I can’t pass this up, he thought to himself.

Diane Sparta had been his ultimate fantasy and here she was, almost in the flesh and willing to do anything he wanted. Leo gulped, moving his new hands towards her tits. He caressed them, staring into the mirror at his transformed body as he took their weight in his hands. He moved slowly at first. His breasts were sensitive. Even through the thick teal fabric he could feel her nipples swelling. He pulled the top half of her dress down, allowing her breasts to spill out. He almost passed out from the excitement of his topless mirror image.

Whenever Leo had thought about Diane he had thought about her naked. The breasts he had imagined tucked beneath her form fitting dresses were nothing compared to the real ones. His tits were perky and perfect and beautifully rounded. She had fat, pink areolae and tiny nipples that even now grew erect beneath his touch. Leo groped the bare breasts. They felt huge in his hand. They were huge, spilling out of his slender fingers as he groped himself.

Leo licked his lips. With every stroke a tingling pleasure raced through him, beginning between his legs and racing up and down his body. Leo lifted the hem of his skirt and saw the green tights clinging to his legs. He released his breasts and they jiggled across his chest. He peeled down his tights, rolling them over his wide bottom and down his legs. With his tights at his feet he lifted the dress again. Diane was wearing panties that looked tight on her thicker frame. They were pink, with a little white bow on the front. Surprisingly feminine for someone who journeyed around the galaxy at the helm of a starship. Leo almost lost it right there and he bit his lip as his breath hitched in his throat.

He reached a hand towards his panties, watching in the mirror as Diane’s slender hand slipped across the pink fabric. Leo had never done this with a girl before and he was about to do it to himself. Leo pushed his hand into his new sex, over the panties, and started rubbing carefully.

It was a feeling game, Leo had to figure out what he was doing. His hand worked around, experimenting with the new sensations across his crotch, dipping inside himself. At last he landed on a spot that sent a shiver through his body. He pressed harder, working Diane’s body up, sinking the pink panties into his wonderful pussy to rub up against his newly discovered clit. He watched in the mirror as he made Diane fondle herself, her breasts still hanging out of her dress, her fingers inside herself, twisting, pushing, the lips of her pussy growing wet with Leo’s desire and causing a damp patch to spread across his panties. Diane’s face was twisted in concentration, her slim eyebrows scrunched up as Leo slipped his fingers under the elastic band f his panties and sank in between her warm velvety folds.

Oh shit,” he whined to himself, “Oh shit.”

A sigh escaped his lips as his first orgasm exploded through his body. In the mirror, Diane’s mouth dropped open as Leo came. The orgasm was huge, filling him with pleasure from head to toe. He threw his head back as he pushed his fingers deeper inside his slick heat, enjoying the feel, the sight, the sound of his body as he trembled beneath his own touch.

The feeling slowly ebbed, leaving him warm and calm. That was like nothing he had felt before. As he was standing there, his fingers still inside himself he heard the door to his room open. Leo had half a second to cover himself. He dropped the dress, covering the tights around his ankles, and popped his breasts back beneath the fabric. The door swung open and Leo froze at the sight. It was the last thing he had been expecting.

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