Primed for Takeover (Preview)

My latest book, Primed for Takeover, is now available on
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Emily has the proverbial all – youth, wealth and a luscious body that’s absolutely screaming for attention. But her life is about to change when she meets a mysterious older woman. All seems fun until Emily discovers that the woman wants to possess Emily’s life and her body…and has the means to do so.

Now Emily’s fighting for control of her own body, struggling against the strange woman who’s intent on enjoying her new youthful form and sealing herself inside Emily for good.

Can Emily free herself in time? Or will she be forever trapped as an observer in her own life?

This story contains elements of body possession and theft, and erotic sexual situations. For mature readers only.

Emily, desperate to regain even a tiny shred of autonomy, tried to answer but felt herself locked down again, trapped under vice-like control.

“No more of that you hear.” Jenny glared in the mirror then added, “Not that I’m not impressed; it’s been a while since anyone’s pushed back. And I never expected it’d be you. It’s usually the spiritual hippie-drippie ones that put up a fight, the ones all in touch with their spiritual side and the gods that guide them.” She looked suddenly aghast. “Please tell me you’re not secretly all ‘in touch with the other realms’. I really don’t want to get back to LA and discover your house reeks of sage and patchouli.”

Emily, of course, couldn’t answer but she did put two and two together and felt a sliver of hope. The fortune teller! The creepy, nonsensical, doomsaying fortune teller had warned her. And she had given her the necklace – the necklace that was still in the her pocket of her jean shorts. The old woman had said the necklace was protection. Perhaps it would oust Jenny—oh god please—and let Emily take her body back?

Of course, Emily lamented, she had no way to compel Jenny to actually put the necklace on, no way to compel her to do anything actually because—ignoring Emily’s screaming resistance—Jenny was already walking Emily’s body out the door, necklace sitting uselessly in her pocket.

Emily raged helplessly as her body walked down the hallway, humming softly to herself. Jenny took her downstairs and around to the back of the restaurant, where the the sparkling facade of the resort was replaced with the squat, utilitarian maintenance buildings. There, by the kitchen entrance, was Antoine, the waiter Jenny had been flirting with that morning. He was smoking and facing the other way and only turned around when Jenny spoke up.

“Hey, handsome, I’ve been looking for you.” One of Emily’s hands went to her hip and her face arranged itself into a pleasant smile as Antoine turned and took her in. A pleasant smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“Hello? Do I know you?”

“I saw that old bag hitting on you this morning in the restaurant, and I thought I’d give you something you’d really like.”

So saying, Jenny grabbed her top and pulled it off over her head. Antoine’s eyes swiveled down to her bra. Emily felt her hand slide into Antoine’s hair as Jenny guided Antoine’s mouth against hers. Emily screamed futilely in her own mind as Antoine’s smoky breath filled her mouth and her body pressed against his. Her hands grabbed his ass, found it surprisingly firm and her body surged with warmth despite her best efforts. One of Antoine’s hands came up and squeezed her tits, the other reached around and gripped her ass, fingers digging into her soft flesh and pulling her hard up against him. She was surprised at how eager Antoine was to have her, and embarrassed at how wonderful her body felt to be had.

Emily moaned into his mouth, hating her traitorous body from getting so turned on at his touch. She wanted to be safely in her room with her husband, not giving herself to some stranger in a back alley. And yet…and yet…Jenny was in charge, her feelings of lust overpowering Emily’s own reticence. Emily felt her hand gliding down into Antoine’s pants and stroking his warm cock. His hands circled around her back and fumbled with her bra, eventually unclasping it so Jenny could shrug it free and stand topless as Antoine stared down at Emily’s tits. Her nipples were already swollen into pinpricks with lust and need. Emily couldn’t cover herself, couldn’t block this stranger from leering at her naked body.

And she didn’t want to.

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