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OCTOBER 2018 UPDATE: Thank you all so much, I really love your enthusiasm for my work! I am overwhelmed with commission requests at the moment so I’m not taking on any new work for the time being. Plus, I plan on taking a vacation so I don’t get burned out. With all that, I don’t plan on taking any new request until February 2019, at which point I may also update my pricing. Check back here around then to see if commissions are resuming. In the meantime, enjoy the captions and the ebooks!


Yes, I do custom stories! If you want a custom story or caption email me at bodyswapstories@gmail.com with as many details as you want to include (names, descriptions, locations, appearance, etc.).

The most common packages are:

Caption (500 words)

You can supply a picture or I can find one, depending on the specificity of the scenario. (Note: I will only accept pictures of a sexual nature where everyone in the image is at least 18 years old.) As an example, this caption, is about 320 words long.

Short Story  (6000 words)

I’ve found this is a good length for a short story. It’s got room for some plot, some characters and a few sex scene without going too long. Most of the stories in my collections are this length.

I’m happy to do stories of differing length, just email me at bodyswapstories@gmail.com to discuss.

After we agree on a story length and details, I’ll send you an invoice through PayPal with a delivery date estimate. Stories will be delivered after payment and allow 1 day per every 500 words, though usually it’s much quicker.

I retain all worldwide copyright to the stories and captions, including the right to post them on the website or package them in a story collection. I will change any names and other identifying specifics (where relevant) to protect your anonymity.

If you have any questions just ask, I want to make your fantasies come alive!


Disclaimer: By purchasing a story or caption you agree that you are at least 18 years old and legally allowed to purchase and view erotic material where you reside.