Hostile Takeover (Preview)

Hostile Takeover (Preview)

Hostile Takeover includes two dark stories featuring body possessions and body thefts. Read a preview below and buy the full story now on Smashwords and Amazon. Paul envies Rose. He wants her marriage, he wants her body, he wants her life. With the help of a little magic he’s able to have all three. Now Rose is trapped, helpless in her… Read more →

I Stole My Mom's Body now on Amazon

I Stole My Mom’s Body now on Amazon

I had to change the story slightly to get past Amazon’s censors, so it’s been renamed I Stole My Stepmom’s Body. It features a son exploring his stepmother’s feminine body from inside, and a man hopping into his friend to take her on a journey of discovery…and sex. Find a preview here.

I Stole My Mom's Body (Preview)

I Stole My Mom’s Body (Preview)

My newest story collection I Stole My Mom’s Body is now available at Smashwords and (slightly modified) at Amazon. There’s a preview below! “I can’t believe it worked, I’m in my mom’s body!” I thought as I gazed into the mirror and stared at my mom’s adorable reflection. Her girl’s weekend away would give me plenty of time to explore this… Read more →

His fiance's friend 2

His fiance’s friend 2

The first part is here. For those who haven’t been following the comments, Elle and Zapper have been adding a sexy sequel that I just had to share. First, Elle-Jae: “… And Vi also loved having her friend’s wet pussy pressing against her mouth as Chloe started lapping her boyfriend’s jizz from her smooth thighs and vulva. Even more when she… Read more →