Best friend and lover (reversed)

Best friend and lover (reversed)

Zapper has made the perfect sequel to Best friend and lover from the new man’s point of view as Annie enjoys her new, masculine form:   Annie looked down at her own body watching her former delicate fingers move up and down her one-eyed man-muscle and felt the power of her new masculine lust build. Earlier that day she’d found a… Read more →

His sister's big night finishes

His sister’s big night finishes

Zapper and Elle-Jae have written a conclusion to His sister’s big night that’s so hot I had to share it with everyone. Hope you two don’t mind! Mike’s body hummed with pleasure, carnal sensations coursed through him as Anthony, his sister’s husband, expertly used one hand to massage his soft-luscious breast while kissing an erogenous spot on his neck just below… Read more →