family swap

Yours forever now

Yours forever now

Request: Hi! Love your captions, they’re very hot, particularly the family swap captions. I’d love to see a caption where the younger brother (Lucas) swaps bodies with their father, while the older brother (Rene) swaps bodies with their mother. The younger brother is the one that casts the spell or whatever that causes the swaps. Even though Rene in the… Read more →

Stealing the Cheerleader's Body (Preview)

Stealing the Cheerleader’s Body (Preview)

It’s a return to form with my latest twisted adventure Stealing the Cheerleader’s Body, available on Smashwords, Amazon, and wherever ebooks are sold. Check out the preview below. My sister is your typical head cheerleader: blonde, gorgeous and incredibly cruel. She’s both detested and desired by everyone. With an ill-considered wish, I’ve ended up swapping bodies with her for just… Read more →