Freaky Monday (Part 2)

I love it when other people finish off my captions with a steamy idea of their own. And Elle-Jae has certainly finished me off here with her sexy take on Freaky Monday part 1 from the mother’s point of view. Check it out at her blog.

His sister's big night finishes

His sister’s big night finishes

Zapper and Elle-Jae have written a conclusion to His sister’s big night that’s so hot I had to share it with everyone. Hope you two don’t mind! Mike’s body hummed with pleasure, carnal sensations coursed through him as Anthony, his sister’s husband, expertly used one hand to massage his soft-luscious breast while kissing an erogenous spot on his neck just below… Read more →

Borrowed Lives

Borrowed Lives

I’ve got a new short story collection out featuring three stories commissioned by readers. It’s called Borrowed Lives: A Body Theft Short Story Collection featuring three short stories about stealing bodies, sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently, but always for pleasure. These stories contain intense descriptions of lust and sex and are not for everyone. In Second Time for Everything a man steals… Read more →