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His fiance's friend 2

His fiance’s friend 2

The first part is here. For those who haven’t been following the comments, Elle and Zapper have been adding a sexy sequel that I just had to share. First, Elle-Jae: “… And Vi also loved having her friend’s wet pussy pressing against her mouth as Chloe started lapping her boyfriend’s jizz from her smooth thighs and vulva. Even more when she… Read more →

His fiancee's friend

His fiancee’s friend

Request: My fiancee (Danny) is a big masculine guy and has recently started working with my friend and I know he wants to fuck her. I’d love you to do a story where he gets put in her body and actually enjoys being a small woman with a big ass! Even better if I agree to a threesome not knowing they’ve… Read more →

His girlfriend's trick

His girlfriend’s trick

Experience what it’s like to steal someone’s body and use it for your pleasure in Inside: A Body Theft Story Collection. Available now! Check out a preview here. If you enjoy it I’d love it if you could leave a positive review on the site where you purchased it!