body theft


It had been several hours and Justin was sure that the whore who had stolen his body wasn’t coming back. He uncomfortably shifted his slim, sexy legs and tried to figure out what to do. The night before he had picked up some whore and brought her back to this cheap motel. He thought he got a good bargain when… Read more →

Ha ha

Do you really think I’m going to give you your body back, Amber? Your tits are magnificent you’ve got a killer body that I’m really going to enjoy. I can tell by that erection in your pants that you agree, no matter how much you protest. Tell you what, I’ll let you come inside your body one last time. Where… Read more →

Got Yours

The witch had swapped bodies with Mike, and had turned him into what he had derisively called her: a cumdumpster. His new body had an uncontrollable craving for cock. She, Mike was forced to think of himself as a she now, didn’t just want it, she needed it as much and as often as possible. Mike cringed inside but no… Read more →


Hey, Brad, it’s me, Tim! I used that possession spell we found to take over Melissa’s body. Did you really think she’d all of a sudden start coming on to you? Ha! No way, dude. I was just fucking with you. But watch, I can make her do anything I want, check out her tits. Mmm, they feel so good…. Read more →