His fiancee's friend

His fiancee’s friend

Request: My fiancee (Danny) is a big masculine guy and has recently started working with my friend and I know he wants to fuck her. I’d love you to do a story where he gets put in her body and actually enjoys being a small woman with a big ass! Even better if I agree to a threesome not knowing they’ve… Read more →

Taking a ride

Taking a ride

Request: Hi, I love your captions. They’re great and entertaining caption. Do you think you could make a caption to where Bill went to a store with his hot girlfriend in his car. He goes out and he leaves her in the car, while he was inside a body hopper hops her and as Bill came back, she is exploring herself acting… Read more →

More Than Just Friends (Carly's TG Captions)

More Than Just Friends (Carly’s TG Captions)

I’m happy to announce I’ve got a guest caption today, courtesy of a caption swap with Carly’s TG Captions. She’s been writing for awhile but I only just recently stumbled across her site (What can I say? We’re all comfortable in our bubbles!). Her captions are deliciously sexy and always entertaining. If you enjoy my captions you’ll love hers. So check… Read more →