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Teaching himself (continued)

The fabulous Elle-Jae has made a continuation of Teaching himself and, as usual, it’s incredibly hot. Here it is:

One of Mrs, Lovett’s most obvious attributes…well, two…that had always held his attention in a state of near hypnosis were her beguiling breasts. And, now that Hayden could feel their full heft & sensitivity, the hard points poking into the cool air of the bathroom from the centers of their big, pink areolae captivated his gaze and his senses, drawing his left hand up to caress their impressive size, “I have always wondered what sucking her titties would be like.”

Hearing his thought whispered aloud by the voice of Mrs. Lovett both shocked and thrilled Hayden. The thrill manifested further by feeling ‘his’ fingers circle the perimeter of each areola then pinching the stiff tip on his right tit, sending exquisite shivers through his chest, down his spine and into the concentrated tip hidden beneath a flap at the top of ‘his’ body’s warming genitalia!

“OH-my-word!” he gasped, looking between his reflection and the beautiful boob in his hand. Then, reaching beneath the massive ‘skin-sack’ full of fatty flesh to lift its wondrous weight nearer, Hayden extended his new tongue toward the tender teat he’d lusted after for so long.

“Hmgh-hn-LHMMNMM…” So consumed by the arousing sensations that act shot throughout his body was the male student upon pulling her whole teat into his mouth, that Hayden stopped trying to cover his ‘borrowed’ sex and let go of the towel to free his right hand in aid of his left! Not to mention the fact that his sidelong view in the mirror was not the best for watching himself ‘test the waters’, so-to-speak!

So, each breast in their respective hands, Hayden slowly shifted his copious posterior along the edge of the tub, encountering an even greater sensation of arousal as his dampening womanhood slid along while he squeezed and pressed his tits together until, facing his ravenous reflection squarely, Hayden was able to look himself in the eyes while wrapping his pretty lips around each of his teats in succession…

“Oh! Hey, babe. Here you are.” A flush of embarrassment and deeper arousal at being seen in this situation burned its way through the body of Mrs. Lovett as Hayden looked at Mr. Lovett entering the bathroom. “You must not have heard me come in, dear. I, uh, came by to pick up some more of my stuff,” the teacher’s estranged husband said as Hayden crossed his legs and covered his ardent nipples with his hands

The student quickly found that the feeling of his thick, smooth thighs pressing together in front of his wet pussy while holding his heaving breasts did nothing to hide what ‘she’d’ been doing, nor lessen his state of arousal!