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Hi! Love your captions, they’re very hot, particularly the family swap captions. I’d love to see a caption where the younger brother (Lucas) swaps bodies with their father, while the older brother (Rene) swaps bodies with their mother. The younger brother is the one that casts the spell or whatever that causes the swaps. Even though Rene in the mother’s body resists a little at first, eventually Lucas asserts his dominance, fucking his wife/older brother, trapping them in their new bodies. Besides the sex, it could involve social dominance too, with Rene forced to be a housewife, etc. Thanks!

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  1. Awesome! Thank you for doing my request, M!

    I love how you realized my basic idea. I enjoy the idea of being “tricked” in such situations very much, and you just wrote it so perfectly.

    As always, the caption was also very hot and exciting. You even included the housewife thing, while also managing to make it all very sexual.


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