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    Been a big fan of your work for years now (purchased all of your stories). I kinda wish you did more darker themes (permanent possession/permanent body theft). Sometimes, when the title involves “stolen or body theft,” I am always expecting: permanently stolen or possessed but I usually end up getting disappointed when it’s only “temporarily stolen, few-days possession.” I hope some of your newer stories will contain something that is actually stolen/body theft “for good” (like your cuck story, where the lady actually tries fighting for control but loses) and not stories where it’s “possession, but I’ll give it back in a day or two” but this is all just my personal opinion. I’ve been exploring some artists with darker themes of stolen body/possession like (Nikki L. Falcon/B.L. Quick) and I am enjoying their work and kinda wish you explored more of the darker themes like they do. Still, I enjoy your work and will still be supporting you with every book you release.

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