Lady Valiant

One of my frequent commissioners sent me a link to a web comic he’s working on. It’s got superheroes, body swaps, great art, huge breasts…everything you could ask for! Check out Lady Valiant. I just clicked through all the issues out so far and I can’t wait for the next one!

Freaky Monday part 3

Elle Jae continues to work her magic, stimulating my imagination with delicate strokes of her…keyboard. See her continuation of Freaky Monday here:  Freaky Monday Part 3. Parts 1 and 2 are below: Freaky Monday part 1 Freaky Monday Part 2

Into Her Body and The Swapping Stone

Good news, my short stories are now available just about wherever digital books are sold. Thanks to everyone who’s already purchased a copy, if you like it please review it! If you don’t have a copy yet, what are you waiting for? The Swapping Stone available at Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, or Amazon Into Her Body available at Smashwords, Barnes and Noble… Read more →


Ok, no offence or anything but… Can you improve when you upload? Eg, one caption a day then a longer story each month? This would get much more happy visitors leaving the site! (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO THIS!) I’m glad you like my stories but I’ve slowed down recently due to other commitments and the fact that it started to… Read more →


Hi all, no posts this week. I’ll be back next Sunday-ish and have a go at some of these requests I’ve got. -M


No cap today, just a discussion. (First, to Brad, I got your requests don’t worry, I’ll get to it next time I’m in a ‘request mood’ I promise.) Got this today from “Jack”: Sorry this is a question I have. Is this considered homosexual or heterosexual erotica. Thank you. Not to worry, Jack, I’ve often thought about this myself. Speaking… Read more →

Swapping Stone comments

After reading he swapping stone I will buy everything you do if it’s based around guys 15-25 either swapping bodies or transforming into women ages 35-45ish. Glad you enjoyed it! Hey, if you haven’t read The Swapping Stone what are you waiting for? Read Chapter One, then buy the rest of the story here or here. I like variety so… Read more →


Hi everybody, posting will be light this week due to real life commitments. I’ll return as normal hopefully next week. In the mean time check out Kayla’s House of TG for some great explicit caps.

Convenient Cock from Dr Destruct

  “What’s going on here?” Peter asked as his ex wife was masturbating furiously on the floor. “Oh baby, I’m so glad you’re home. I’m so fucking horny and I just can’t stand it!” Peter looked confused. “Jenny, you don’t live here anymore. We’re divorced!” Jenny’s head tilted to the side as she thought for a moment. “Shit! Sorry dude… Read more →